Friday letters

Friday has crept on me again this week… along with half of January. My dad’s, my sister’s and K’s birthdays have already been and gone. Just my grandma’s left now then I’ll have to start thinking about the February birthdays I need to make/buy things for. But first, what letters can I write to the universe this week?

Mail box

Dear birds. The lard ball we’ve hung out for you is exactly the same as the one you demolished within two weeks before Christmas, so I don’t understand why you’re shunning our balcony now? I’m sad to see my balcony so empty of little feathered friends.

Dear winter. Nice of you to actually show up this year . I’ve been waiting to see Basel in the snow since we got here (I mean, snow is kind of something I associate with Switzerland and we got basically none last winter…)

How it looked here last week

Dear BBC. It’s exciting that you’re producing a TV series of Good Omens, but must it be a collaboration with Amazon Prime, of all things? There is no Amazon Switzerland, and therefore no Prime for those of us who live here 😦

Dear Dara Ó Briain. I am so excited to see you perform tomorrow night. Please be as funny as you usually are!

Dear Goodreads. Quit tempting me with your book recommendations! My wish list is already long enough to keep me busy for many, many years…

That’s all for today, folks. Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. GoodReads always gets me into trouble with my TBR list.
    My trips to Switzerland have always included snow, but usually only on the mountain tops since we typically traveled in the summer.
    What is a lard ball?? I’ve never set one out for the birds!

  2. That’s a bit rubbish not being able to get the Amazon series. You’ll have to get someone to send it to you. I do like Goodreads but there really is a never ending list of books our there to read.

  3. Ahrgh, I HATE the idea of having to subscribe to get a TV programme!!!
    I KNOW re the birds! My birds LOVED the seed when we first gave it to them! But then I put Nigella seeds out and the swines ate NONE of it!!!! And I spilt it all over the garage floor!!

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