Friday letters

Hello everyone! I hope your Friday is going well so far? As for me, the first thing I did after getting dressed this morning was spill almond purée stuff down my new skirt! Not a good start. Luckily the day has been fine since then. Also, it’s been snowing all morning, which is messing with my head after February started off unseasonably warm (seriously, it was like spring). I thought April was supposed to be the month that does what it wants?* I don’t think this snow is going to settle though – so far it’s just making everything wet.

Anyway, on with the letters.


Dear scales. I’m sorry I’ve left you without batteries for so long. I just wanted an excuse not to know my weight for a while. I promise to bring you back to life soon though!

Dear body. I swear sometimes you operate without any input from me. After all, I would never tell you to walk into desks, kick the bottoms of chairs or just generally do things that result in bruising in weird places. I would appreciate if you could stop for a while now!

Dear baked potatoes. I will never fail to be amazed by how something so simple can be so yummy!

Dear door bell. Why is it I jump a mile in the air every time you ring?! Even when I know the postman is due to bring a package that day I have a mini heart attack when he presses you. So weird!

Dear chick pea pasta. You are interesting, but in a good way. I will definitely be buying you again.

Right, that’s enough for today. This is my lunch break so I should probably go and, well, have lunch… Have a great weekend, dear readers!

*German proverb: “Der April macht was er will”


11 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. I’m rather clumsy at times and end up with bruises often too! Bad spacial awareness or something! Chickpea pasta sounds interesting! I guess that means it’s gluten free too? We bought pasta made from lentils recently but haven’t tried it yet!

    1. Yes, the chickpea pasta is gluten free (and vegan). The ingredients literally say “chickpea flour”, although I’m sure that isn’t strictly true since they must at least also contain water to bind them into pasta 😉

  2. Chickpea pasta sounds… interesting. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try it, I’m very traditional when it comes to food. Not very experimental. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. We also had a little sprinkling of snow, but it’s far too wet for anything to actually settle. I’m still holding out hope though for one more snow day before Spring comes. I’m sure it snowed in February last year as well, so who knows.

    Oh, what is this chickpea pasta? It is pasta made from chickpeas, because that sounds a little strange? Or just pasta with chickpeas, in that case, I quite like that combo.

    Oh, I think I might make baked potatoes for tea tonight. I’m sure I get all my dinner ideas from you haha!

  4. oooh chickpea pasta? i am intrigued. i will have to see if they have something like that here. i am with you on the body doing weird things, i have bruises from bumping into things all the time. never stops. and yes to baked potatoes forever. yum.

    1. It’s pasta made with chickpea flour. They’ve got this whole “Karma” range here that’s all vegetarian/partly vegan and supposedly super healthy, and this is part of that range. They also have a red lentil pasta, which sounds interesting.

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