Guess the cross stitch volume 5

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent this week – being off work I haven’t really felt like turning on the computer, and for reasons unknown to me I can’t post from my tablet! But I thought I would quickly pop in before the week is over with an easy kind of post. A few people have asked whether I’ll be doing a cross stitch guessing game this year, and I’m finally stitching something that seems suitable. I was quite surprised to realise that this is the 5th time I’ve done one of these!

The rules are simple: I post a photo of something I’m cross stitching and you tell me what you think the completed image will be. If nobody guesses correctly I post an updated picture and you try to guess from that. I will give you one clue: it’s a birthday card for a boy who is turning one (also yes it is the right way up!).

Here’s your first photo:


Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Guess the cross stitch volume 5

  1. No idea. I keep looking at it and I can’t see it. I can’t be bothered to blog from my computer at the moment, even though it is better to do so. I just feel so completely done with my blog right now.

    1. Aww, I’m sorry you feel done with your blog – I would miss you if you stopped. But I can totally understand that you have much, much more interesting things to do with your time now. Why would you waste time on the computer when you could be staring at the beautiful little baby that you made?

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