Recent doings #15

Another month, another link up with Kristin and Gretch. I know the use of the progressive form makes it sound like this is what’s happening right now, but I like the way it sounds, so just think of it as what I was doing in February, okay?


Reading. All of these books for the bonus round of Erin’s challenge plus The Mysterious Howling, which is book one of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place (I had originally planned to use it as my 6 word title for the challenge until I realised the six words were the series title, not the book title. *Sigh*). It was cute and fun and I loved it so much that I immediately ordered book 2 (but have yet to actually read it). I also read a children’s book called Hatching Magic to see whether my little brother might like it. I don’t know about him, but I LOVED it… but what’s not to love about a baby wyvern that’s addicted to chocolate? And right at the very end of the month I squeezed in The House at the End of Hope Street by Menna Van Praag. The author is new to me but I will definitely be reading more of her books! This one reminded me a bit of Sarah Addision Allen or some novels by Joanne Harris (who I adore!), except set in England and with books. It’s very quirky, whimsical and it just made me happy. It’s maybe a little cheesy and some may find the ending too perfect, but I don’t care. This book is like the literary equivalent of comfort food and it was exactly what I needed in that moment.

Watching. An animated film called Igor that featured the voices of Eddie Izzard and John Cleese but wasn’t as good as those names would suggest and Inglorious Basterds, which my mum gave us for Christmas when it first came out on DVD and we hadn’t actually got round to watching until now! Umm, I think I managed to sneak in a few episodes of Pointless as well, but that’s about it. Actually, Jan always has the TV on when he’s home but I rarely pay attention to what’s on it. Boring (to me) documentaries usually.

Celebrating. Our anniversary (way back at the beginning of the month). We’ve now been together for 13 whole years! Here’s hoping that turns out to be a lucky number for some πŸ˜‰

Eating. Apples. I’ve been trying out that old “an apple a day” thing. I have them with almond purΓ©e (which is expensive by the way, even by Swiss standards!). Although I didn’t actually manage to have an apple every single day. I’ve also been trying to have fish twice a week – and not just in the form of tuna pasta bake. I may have resorted to fish fingers a few times… And of course I ate pancakes on Tuesday – some traditions are worth hanging on to!

Drinking. Dandelion tea and ginger & lemon tea in an attempt to cut down my caffeine intake. I still can’t bring myself to abandon my morning cup of normal (i.e. black) tea though!

Designing. My own cross stitch pattern! It will get its own blog post, but here’s a sneak preview of my designing process. So hi-tech πŸ˜‰


Cross stitching. The above design, for one thing. Also birthday cards – one of which is still waiting for you to guess what it is. Just sayin’…

Buying. Apart from books you mean? πŸ˜‰ I bought a long black skirt a few weeks ago and have worn it almost constantly since then, except when it had to go in the wash because I spilled almond purΓ©e all down it. I also bought a necklace from Etsy. Plus birthday presents for my friend’s son.

Building. IKEA furniture. Technically it was also purchased during February, but Jan paid for it so it felt wrong putting it under “buying”. Elaine was wondering where my tights had been stored before so I took before and after photos for you. The white thing is a fabric storage container that went in Jan’s old wardrobe but is the wrong size for the one we have now, so it had to live alongside it. The chest of drawers makes things look so much neater, don’t you think?

Organising. My books. One of the other items of furniture we got was another bookcase, so some of the books that were piled up on the shelves moved over there while others got rearranged. I’m sure it won’t be long before the chaos of more books than shelves reigns again, but for now it’s looking good!

Enjoying. The fact that it’s actually light when I finish work now! The first time it happened I got so excited that I went for a walk to the further away supermarket then only bought a carton of milk because that was all I could afford.

Going to. Winterthur, near Zurich the day before our anniversary. We walked around the town then went to the nature museum where there was an exhibition about bees. The bee exhibition was kind of disappointing but the rest of the museum made up for it.

Planning. A trip to Berlin at Easter and potentially a trip around Britain in the summer. One of those things is more finalised than the other.

Wishing. I was in Belgium so I could visit Kerri and her new puppy. Seriously, just look at that little face!! I so want a cuddle.

Wondering. Why doctors don’t just let people arrange appointments online already. It would save me a lot of attempts to say/spell my last name over the phone to German speakers who just cannot (or will not?) understand!

Hoping. That things go well with all the projects that Jan currently has going on at work. Please send good thoughts our way!

And just like that February is done and dusted! So, how was your month? Been doing anything fun recently?


21 thoughts on “Recent doings #15

  1. We can book doctor appointments online now. It is great!
    Kerri’s pup is sooooo adorable!
    I’d love to see you take pics of all your bookshelves. (hint, hint)
    Happy (belated) anniversary!

  2. I remember thinking Igor had hilarious moments… Maybe it was just the rabbit(?). Is there a rabbit? I can’t remember. Lol
    Kerri’s new pup is just delicious!! I loved the onslaught of pictures!
    I will forever be jealous of your Swiss activities and day-trips, lol.
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. hmm The Mysterious Howling sounds super cute. will have to check it out. Hatching Magic sounds adorable and like i need to read it. you had me at chocolate. haha.
    oh yes, i remember Igor. i used to be obsessed with john cusack, so i watched it. i don’t actually remember it completely haha but i remember thinking meh.
    happy belated anniversary!
    every time i organise our bookshelves, they are a mess like 2 weeks later, normally because i buy more books haha. so i leave them a mess and that stops me buying more…. most of the time.
    ugh girl i feel you on the last name debacle. i’m sure mine isn’t as complicated and there shouldn’t be a HUGE language barrier, but my last name has Rs in it and I don’t say my Rs… so of course, I try and say my Rs just so people understand and they still don’t. I always make the joke like why couldn’t I have married a Smith?! haha.

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished cross stitch design!!! I always love what you come up with. So many fun trips coming up..which is why I’m jealous of people that live in Europe and can go to so many cool places quickly!
    Thanks for joining the linkup and happy anniversary!

  5. I am jealous of Kerri’s new puppy too!! I used to eat fish twice a week too. I think I need to do that again really! Happy anniversary and excited to read about Berlin!

  6. nice new chest of drawers, it’s always good to get organized! Urgh, I hate trying to spell out my name to German speakers on the phone for appointments too. Sometimes I also mess up and say the wrong letter since a lot of the letters sound mixed up “i” pronounced like “e” etc

  7. Look forward to seeing your completed cross stitch design, I’ve never done any myself but it’s one of my mum’s favourite hobbies. She did a large cross stitch of a tiger which is framed in her house. I have tried small tapestries.

    I need to go to Ikea! My partner and I really need a new wardrobe, one that suits our needs a lot better.

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