Friday letters

The fact that it is Friday is so confusing to me this week! I had three more holiday days from last year that needed to be used before the end of the month and this week was Fasnacht (Basel carnival), so it seemed like a good time to take them, with the result that I went back to work yesterday and now it’s already Friday! While a two day working week is quite relaxing, it is apparently too much for my brain to take in… yesterday I spent 3 or 4 hours totally convinced it was Monday. Hmm. Oh well, on with the letters.

Mail box

Dear Fasnacht. So, you’re over for another year. As fun as you were, I must admit I will be glad to be able to go into town without being confetti bombed! (And to no longer constantly be hoovering said confetti up from my floor!)

Dear body. I do not understand how it took you a month to shed 1.5 kg and a mere three days to put every single gram of that back on. Fasnacht has a lot to answer for!

Dear Jillian Michaels DVD. I have big plans to get you out and start doing your workouts again. Unfortunately so far the project seems to have stopped at the planning stage 😉

Dear self. I know Goodreads is tempting, but you really do not need to be adding any more books to your wish list. Read the ones you’ve got on your shelves first!

Dear OU. It’s been a long time since I last tried one of your short courses. I hope I’m still disciplined enough to do the work! At least this is one I can do at my own pace – and I have a whole 6 months so that should be doable…

That’s all folks. Have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. I feel your fan about how long it takes to lose weight in relation to how quickly we can put weight back on. Our bodies… such wonderfully complex, fascinating, and utterly maddening things! LOL!

    Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed your short week, even though it through your mind for a loop.

  2. This week has thoroughly confused me and I don’t even have a local holiday to excuse it :-D. I like the sound of the confetti though! Which short course are you doing? I finished an OU degree last year but now I’m finding I’m missing it so I’m doing a free OU course via Futurelearn – I’m loving it but of course ‘three hours a week’ has turned out to be a massive understatement

  3. What OU course are you doing? I have put on loads of weight too 😦 I actually ordered a salad when out for a meal tonight – v unlike me!

  4. Definitely know where you are coming from on the book front! I was in town earlier and I GLANCED at the bookshelf in the charity shop and I almost bought 2 more Frances Brodie books but persuaded myself that they might be the ones I already bought in a charity shop so left them behind!. It turns out that they weren’t but I was so willing to give into temptation!!

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