Recent doings #16

Another month has passed (it’s already April!), and that means it’s time to link up with Kristin and Gretch to talk about what I’ve been up to recently.


Here are my March doings:

Reading. So many books. So, so many. First, I finished the bonus round for Erin’s challenge. Plus I read The Day of the Triffids intending for it to be my book for “a genre you rarely read” (science fiction), except then I had to change it because I didn’t have 5 previously chosen books on my list. And I read the next three books in the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series, two of them on the same day. That’s how much I love them! In total I read 16 books in March and started another.

Watching. Some film called “Planet 51” that Jan found while flicking through channels. It was cute. Also Come Dine With Me (guilty pleasure!) and I recently discovered the Father Brown TV series so I’ve been watching that occasionally, when I manage to catch it.

Learning. About Wales, but no Welsh yet because I haven’t got to the language portion of my OU course. Also to loom knit – my latest hobby. I have made a few practice hats that wouldn’t even fit a newborn and also one sock for myself. It is recognisably a sock and even fits me, but I haven’t made the second one yet because I ran out of wool – or I suppose I should say yarn now like people who know what they’re talking about.

Celebrating. Jan’s birthday, on the 1st of the month. Not that we celebrated much since he doesn’t care about his birthday (weird, right?) and went to work, but he got gifts and I baked cupcakes so there’s that.

Attending. Fasnacht stuff, including the fire parade in Liestal and the 4 a.m. parade (“Morgestraich”) in Basel.

Trump lantern
Morgestraich. Trump featured on quite a few lanterns…

Eating. Do you know what… you can just look here if you haven’t already. That’s basically our diet, with a few other dishes thrown in (three bean chilli, various soup/broth type things, curry, cottage pie…).

Drinking. I’ve kind of given up on the caffeine avoidance and been drinking a lot of ordinary black tea… I will get better at that again, but lately I’ve been so tired that a proper cuppa in the afternoon has been the only thing that kept me going long enough to actually make dinner!

Buying. Uhh… what haven’t I been buying more like? Books, wool (yarn), crafting supplies, a turtle necklace (too cute to resist!), a Mother’s Day gift for my mam. I have been very bad and I should feel bad, but I really don’t. Must curb my spending this month though…

Seeing. Or hearing? I’m never sure what to say when it comes to concerts! Anyway, we finally saw The King’s Singers, which I gave Jan tickets for at Christmas but the concert was only this month. Plus Jan performed with his choir so of course I went to one of those performances (but not all 4 because seeing the same concert four times would have been slightly excessive!)

Hosting. One friend who came to stay for the weekend just to see us and then four people from Jan’s former choir who came to watch him perform with his current choir.

And I think that’s all. At least nothing else comes to mind. It should give you a pretty good idea of how I spent my time in March anyway.

What have you been doing recently?

14 thoughts on “Recent doings #16

  1. I miss Come Dine With Me, how do you watch it? I also have been buying everything lately. I keep buying Ida books and then today I went to the library and realized I had been wasting my money!!

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty good March. So funny about Trump’s face appearing so much at the Morgestraich. Also, I don’t think I could give up tea either and I love seeing what books other people are reading.

  3. those Incorrigible Children books sound super cute and are on my list 🙂 i wouldn’t be able to resist a turtle necklace either, sounds adorable. and jan doesn’t care about his birthday?! what! i have given up soda several times in my life but i could never give up tea… i mean, i’m sure i *could* but it’s necessary for my sanity lol

  4. Looking into your 10 day challenge! Sounds like a good month to me! I have been trying to lower the caffeine that I drink too. It can be tough in the afternoons at work! Plus, most of my caffeine sources are very sugary and awful for me. I need to get into some healthier sources!! Blegh trump… Concerts are my favorite! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. When we were in London for our honeymoon a few years ago, I fell back in love with traditional black tea. It had been so long since I had had it, and it was a revelation!

  6. I LOVE Come Dine with me! I recently watched every whole episode I could find on Youtube but there aren’t loads. BUT, I’ve realised I don’t need a TV license for Channel 4 (I don’t think, but will check), so I might just have a look at Channel 4 online and see if I can watch some!!!
    CBC’s old uni friend sings with the Kings Singers- they are great aren’t they!

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