35 Before 35: Mini Egg Easter Cookies

After nearly two years in Switzerland I still hadn’t baked anything for Jan’s colleagues, so this weekend I decided that needed to change! With Easter coming up, something relating to that seemed appropriate, so I found this recipe, bought Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and got to work.

The dough looked pretty with all the colourful bits of shell:

cookie dough

I didn’t have brown sugar so I used ordinary granulated sugar. It seemed to work okay. Here are some cookies waiting to go in the oven:


And here they all are, cooling on a rack:

Easter cookies

There weren’t enough for me to try one and for most of Jan’s colleagues to get 2 each, so I couldn’t tell you how they taste. They looked good though and my entire flat still smells yummy even as I type this (after the cookies have already left the building). At least there were a few Mini Eggs left over for me to munch on 😉

And that makes biscuit number 8 for my 35 before 35 challenge!

11 thoughts on “35 Before 35: Mini Egg Easter Cookies

  1. Heh, I’ve found on previous experimentation that baking with mini eggs can sometimes dull the colours and leave you with something more akin to dinosaur eggs! Mine even cracked a bit, looking like a tiny dinosaur was trying to break free 😉

    1. Aww, baby dinosaur eggs! The recipe said if you don’t want the eggs to turn brown put a piece of grease proof paper over them so I did and it worked. Of course it meant the cookies didn’t turn brown either which made baking them until they were “golden brown” a challenge 😉

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