A photo an hour: 20 May 2017

Saturday was the date for May’s photo an hour link up with Jane and Louisa, and of course I joined in! Some of you might have already seen my day on Twitter, but for the rest of you here’s what I got up to:

9 a.m. Waiting for the kettle to boil. Hurry up, I need a cuppa!

10 a.m. Shower time! I swear I’m going to start reusing shower photos… it’s not like anyone would notice.

11 a.m. Doing a bit of cross stitch while I wait for Jan to go for his shower.

12 noon. Finally out and about! Waiting for the bus from town to leave.

1 p.m. Can you guess where we are?

2 p.m. Checking out another furniture shop before committing to a purchase.

3 p.m. You can’t go to IKEA and not have food! Meatballs eaten, now for Dime cake. Yum!

4 p.m. On the train home with our new furniture.

5 p.m. In town after a very brief stop at home! I left Jan building furniture and came out in search of a birthday gift.

6 p.m. Home again, and there’s just about enough time for a cuppa before heading back out!

7 p.m. On another bus… nice view from the window!

I then skipped two hours because we were at a concert and I didn’t want to start taking photos in the middle of the performance 😉 So…

10 p.m. The Rhine in Basel by night.

11 p.m. Heading home on a very crowded tram! Photo mainly shows the ceiling 😉 (We stopped for a light dinner in case you were wondering why we took an hour to start heading home!)

Midnight. Time to join Eeyore and Nick in bed.

So, that was my Saturday. Furniture shopping, birthday gift shopping and a concert.
Did you do anything nice at the weekend?



17 thoughts on “A photo an hour: 20 May 2017

  1. You had quite a constructive day. I like your picture of Basel by night. The only time Wil and I went to Ikea together, we both came out with a bad headache. Can’t cope with it.Glad you got some nice purchases. 🙂

    1. Was the headache because of IKEA or because you went there together? 😉 Just teasing.
      Furniture shopping is always draining, but unfortunately necessary – at least until we finally have everything we need!

  2. We have a Hol as well! We keep camping stuff in it, random dressing gowns and then dump all our half used clothes on top. Plus my cuddly toys sit on it!
    I don’t like Ikea, I confess, like Shazza above, it induces headaches and I feel like I’m underground and claustrophobic!!

    1. We bought Hol to be a laundry basket 🙂 I’m not sure anyone actually uses it as the living room table it’s advertised as?!
      IKEA is a weird place – I’m sure it runs on a different time zone! Dime cake is good though 🙂

  3. I love your cross stitch. This sounds like a good weekend. 🙂 Our last weekend was a long one due to Memorial Day in the US. It was a wedding weekend for one of my best friends, so very busy. We took Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (I’m off every Tuesday) to recuperate and do fun things. It was a much needed break. I love IKEA meatballs too. Hope you enjoyed your concert! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Your photo of the river is gorgeous! Last weekend we got out into nature a bit. We went to an open space park and started up a hike that we weren’t prepared to do. We got a late start, but we’ll go back and do it some other weekend.

    What concert did you go to?

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