Friday letters

How is it Friday again people? This week has gone way too fast, again. I had another public holiday yesterday (the last one until October!) and I was hoping to get lots done, but I didn’t even manage half of it. *Sigh* Anyway, on with the letters.

Friday letters


Dear kettle. I’m sorry I have to boil you so many times before I actually get round to making a cup of tea. You can blame your being overworked on all my work, okay?

Dear parsley. It was very exciting to put some of you in my salad last night having grown you from a seed!

Dear WordPress. What happened to the media space upgrade option? Apparently the only way I can get more space for photos now is by purchasing a domain. I don’t want a domain, just more space!

Dear weather. I’m glad you’ve cooled down a little bit – over 30°C is just too much for me!

Right, that’s all for today. Lunch break over… back to work! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

11 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. It has whizzed by again, hasn’t it? I wish the year would slow down a little.
    I had to chuckle at the kettle, I do that too. Sometimes I wonder where I’ve left my cup of tea before realising that I didn’t actually make it!
    I hear you on the parsley, although with me it’s lettuce leaves (and soon spring onions), they’re a delight to eat when grown from seed. I never thought I’d say gardening was exciting but seeing those little shots emerge is the best feeling 🙂

  2. The weather has been rather unbearable though I am studiously not wishing for it to change too much!!! I was stuck on a coach for around 5.5 hours of yesterday at 31 degrees though!!

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