Friday letters

Ah Friday… you wonderful harbinger of the weekend! I’ve been having trouble falling asleep all week, so you’re even more welcome than you would have been anyway. To celebrate, let’s have some letters.

Friday letters

Dear Yankee Candle. That is not what a crackling wood fire smells like! Have you actually been near a fire lately?

Dear weather. I take it you are trying to convince me that it really is November and not May at the absolute latest, as my brain is still convinced it must be? I can think of no other explanation for this constant rain πŸ˜‰

Dear baked potatoes. I will never cease to be amazed (and grateful) that something so simple is so good.

Dear blue tits. Hello! How nice to see you gracing the balcony again. I’m not sure where you disappear to over the summer, but I’m glad you’re back! (But please stop trying to eat my parsley!)

Dear Christmas. You are sneaking up way too fast and I really need to decide on gifts for my family before it’s too late…

That’s all for today. Happy Friday everyone… and happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. UEGRHRHHR, that Yankee Candle smell sounds like a HORRIBLE idea! I do not like burning smells! Incidentally, what DOES it smell like?
    I feel ya on the Christmas presents and heartily agree on the Baked potato front!x

    1. Aww, I love the smell of a proper wood fire. It’s cosy!
      I’ve been trying to work out what it does smell of, but I can’t. When lit the smell is really faint. Unlit it reminds me a bit of soap. But not really? It’s difficult. Haha.

  2. I thought the same about the candle smell – I was quite excited when I saw it because I love the smell of a fire but don’t have one, but it just smelled horrible. Smokey but without the sweetness of a wood fire. More like burning tyres! Somebody told me about incense with a peat fire smell (Peatcense?) so I’m trying to get hold of that instead.

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