Recent doings #25

Hello my lovelies! Well, here we are… the first month of 2018 done. January was a relatively quiet one for me, but that was what I wanted after being so busy in December. Today is the first Thursday of the new month, so of course I am linking up with Kristen and Gretch for What’s New With You? (Although the answer to that is nothing, really). Here’s what I got up to in January:


Reading. First, I completed Erin’s book challenge. I then read a few other books and, thanks to being in the office yesterday (=looong train ride), I actually finished On The Road. Yay me! I will tell you about my reading in detail on Show Us Your Books day.

Watching. Jan got The Big Bang Theory season 10 and Arrival DVDs for Christmas from my family so we watched them. Also, a Facebook contact from high school reminded me of the existence of Pushing Daisies… my dad showed me the first episode years ago and I always meant to watch it. So I asked Jan whether he would watch it with me and he agreed. We watched our way through all of Season 1 within a week, so now I need Season 2!

Eating. The month started off as a continuation of December… well, I had to finish the Christmas chocolate, right? But after the first week I was back at work so I decided it was time to try to be healthy again. There was a lot of soup/broth. But then we were trying to use up some vouchers from a booklet we had (it expired yesterday) so we ate out way too often and on two of those occasions I had dessert. So yeah.. not a good eating month.

Drinking. Tea. Probably too much if I’m honest. I need to cut down on my caffeine again!

Celebrating. A Basel friend’s birthday. We went for dinner at a Turkish restaurant then to some bars.

Making. Birthday cards for Post Pals children and also one for my grandma. And I’ve just realised I forgot to take a photo of the one I made for my grandma…

owl tape card

Cross stitching. Cards for Post Pals children – now that Christmas is over I’ve returned to my mission of a cross-stitched card for every child. I managed to get two out in January.

Playing. Jan’s colleague invited us over one Saturday to play and escape game that he got for Christmas. Like an escape room, but in table-top form. It was cool, but relatively easy. And I still want to do a real escape room even though I expect to suck at it.

Burning. Yeah, weird category. I found candles that were Swizzles sweet (candy) themed online and could not resist ordering them! The scents are supposed to be Lovehearts, Refreshers, Drumstick Lollies. The Lovehearts ones are rose scented, which is not what a Loveheart smells like! Refreshers smells kind of lemon sherbet-ish, which kind of works. As for the Drumstick Lolly one… the actual wax just is Drumstick Lolly. When burning it mostly just smells like any other red fruit scented candle – sort of sweet and not really like anything – but occasionally I will get a waft that smells exactly like Drumstick Lollies.

Buying. Apart from too many books? I bought a fox necklace from Etsy and I looove it. It came from this shop, if you’re interested. I’m sure bought other stuff as well, but I can’t remember it. Huh.

I’m linking up with Kristen and Gretch, of course.
Happy February everyone! What’s new with you?

24 thoughts on “Recent doings #25

  1. Love the owl card!! We’re Big Bang Theory fans, too, but we just watch the new episodes on German TV. By now I’m as used to their German voices as their real ones. I did an escape room last summer with 3 exchange students in Berlin. The concept is really cool, but we failed miserably. Now that I have an idea of how it works, I like to think I would do better if I try it again. I didn’t know there are also board games.

  2. How have you and so many others finished Erin’s challenge? I’m amazed and in awe! I’ve only finished two books and am onto the third for the challenge. But then again, I read for book club and other reasons too πŸ™‚ Buying too many books is a problem I have too. And too much tea is not a problem; it’s meant to help creativity πŸ˜€ Popped over from ‘What’s new with you’ link up.

  3. On The Road has been on my TBR list forever. I totally forgot about Pushing Daisies! I watched a few episodes when it aired and don’t know why I stopped. I’m adding that to my list. My MIL loves foxes so I just looked at that necklace and it’s super cute!

  4. no such thing as too much tea! that’s what i tell myself anyway. i want to see Arrival. i haven’t finished Erin’s challenge yet, but i’m doing pretty well for me lol. that etsy shop is adorable – so many pretty things. and the escape game sounds really interesting, i don’t think i could do a real live one in a room but the table top version sounds interesting.

  5. Congrats on finishing Erin’s challenge in a single month! That is seriously awesome.

    I watched Pushing Daisies when it was on, and I remember really liking it. Maybe I should rewatch it sometime because I feel like I don’t remember the actual episodes that well.

    Turkish food is amazing! I also love the owls on the card for your grandmother. I’m a sucker for owls.

    My mom wants my husband and I to do an escape room with her (and possibly the rest of my family) when we visit in a couple of months. I don’t really expect to be that great at it either, but I think it will be fun. I didn’t realize they made an at-home version, though I’m not sure I’d really want something like that. Does it come with several options so you can play it more than once, or is it just kind of done after one play?

  6. I’m not sure whether sweet flavoured candles would curb my cravings or encourage them! I think it might be worth a try to find out πŸ™‚ it’s a bit hot for candles here at the moment but when the winter comes I may investigate.

    I love finding new shops to love on Etsy, there’s such great stuff there.

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