Friday letters

Hello friends! (I hope none of you mind being called friends?). It’s finally Friday and I haven’t done Friday letters for a while, so I thought I would today. Here goes.

Friday letters

Dear Switzerland. A recent blog post by Kezzie and a slightly less recent one by Hazel have reminded my once again of how badly you need to up your recycling game. After being able to place basically all packaging in the recyclables bin in Germany I find it so frustrating to have to throw so much into the ordinary household waste here (and yes, I take my plastic bottles back to the supermarket but they won’t accept yoghurt pots or toothpaste tubes, for instance). Even Britain has recycling bins. Sort it out, Switzerland!

Dear unread books. I recently rearranged my shelves so that most of you are together and I hadn’t realised quite how many of you I own! I really need to start reading books I own before buying more…

unread books
I actually have more unread books than this, but I couldn’t fit any more on these shelves. Also, I excluded classics & non-fiction entirely since they have specific sections on my bookcases.

Dear water. Why is it so difficult to remember to drink enough of you? Must try harder!

Dear Basel cinemas. Why aren’t you showing the new Jumanji film in English? Just because it’s aimed at children doesn’t mean nobody wants to see it in the original language – do you know how many English-speaking children there are in the region?

Dear weekend. I’m glad you’re almost here. I’ve been very tired this week and I’m looking forward to a lie in!

Dear boyfriend. Thank you for sorting out the dishwasher and not complaining (often) when I fail to put away my lunch dishes.

That’s all for today folks. Happy Friday, wherever you are.


13 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Boyfriend/partners/husbands who do little tasks without complaining (much) are a wonderful thing. It’s when Mr FD goes outside to clear the car of ice/snow when I’ve got an early start or cleans out the cat trays that I really appreciate him.

  2. I really like this idea (this is the first of your friday letters that I have come across)! I remember how awful Switzerland was about plastic recycling…pet only I believe. Even France is better (but still far behind even so).

  3. I didn’t realize that Switzerland has such a bad recycling system. I’m looking forward to showing my kids how people recycle in Germany when we go for Spring Break (haven’t been home in 13 years)…

  4. It’s interesting what you say about the lack of recycling in Switzerland. I had imagined it would be completely the opposite and they would be very organised about it!
    Ha – I am glad to see that someone has a larger collection of books waiting to be read than I have! 🙂

  5. Thanks for raising recycling awareness!! 🙂
    Lovely Jan for doing that. I will often do things for CBC without moaning but then he radges at me about something and then I remind him of all the things he has failed to do!

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