10 more things to do before I turn 40

I recently posted the first part of a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. Today, I want to show you the next ten items, appropriately 4 months to the day before the end of my 35 before 35 challenge.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  1. Try 10 foods or dishes that I haven’t had before
  2. Take the funicular up to Rochers-de-Naye (thought to have been the inspiration for Rochers Neiges in Agatha Christie’s “The Labours of Hercules”) – thanks to Chomeuse for this one!
  3. Cook 10 recipes from cookbooks I own – I have loads that I rarely even glance at, so it’s time I made some use of them!
  4. Try an Escape Room
  5. Eat 5 or more portions of different fruits/vegetables every single day for a week (Monday-Sunday)
  6. Take the Glacier Express
  7. Visit a new place in Switzerland for each letter of my first name – thanks to Kezzie for this fabulous suggestion!
  8. Visit Pompei – I have wanted to do this ever since we learned about the volcanic eruption on primary school!
  9. Eat pizza in Naples (this one and the previous one can be combined in the same trip)
  10. See the Rocky Horror Show in the year of its 50th anniversary – I saw the 30th anniversary show when it came to Sunderland, then I went to see the show in German in what I only later realised was its 40th anniversary year. So it only makes sense to see it again in 2023 (since that will be the year I turn 40, if the actual show turns out to be after my birthday I will count this item as completed if I at least have the tickets!)

That’s 25 so far… I will post the remaining 15 within the next few months. Please feel free to give me suggestions in the comments.

19 thoughts on “10 more things to do before I turn 40

  1. Great list! I did an escape room in Berlin last year, and it was SO fun!! We failed so, so miserably, but I would do it again. I recently read _Pompeii_ by Robert Harris, and since then I definitely want to go there (and Herculaneum). My MiL and I might tackle that next year!
    I like Kezzie’s suggestion, too. I might try that.

  2. i need to use my cookbooks more, i have so many and rarely use them. i would love to visit Pompeii one day. i think i would just cry in a corner if i tried an escape room lol

  3. Glacier express!!! We did this on our honeymoon! It was, unfortunately, cloudy, terribly cloudly, so we saw very little! The Bernina Express was MUCH better! (and cheaper!)
    I’m intrigued to see the Rocky Horror show- I became intrigued by it after watching that film with Emma Watson in it where they are obsessed with it! Can’t rmemeber what it was called!

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