Switzerland, three years on


Today is exactly three years since we packed the last of our stuff in a van (the rest having been taken a month earlier when Jan moved), said a final goodbye to our flat in Karlsruhe and I came to join Jan here in Basel. So, what’s been going on?

I still have the exact same four friends/acquaintances as last year, but our friends who moved here from Karlsruhe will probably be returning to Germany soon and I’ll be back down to two. I was hoping Jan would make friends for both of us, but despite him being involved in more choirs and singing projects than I can count I rarely get to actually meet any of the people he spends time with. I’ve been to every single one of his concerts and even joined the performers for dinner after some of them, but once it’s been established that I don’t (can’t!) sing, the rest of the conversation goes on without me. Basically I need to find some less antisocial hobbies… and the courage to go out and meet people by myself.

Other than that, we have visited even more places in Switzerland, including Geneva (finally), Spiez (in the dark!) and Castle Chillon, tried quite a few new restaurants in Basel, watched the fireworks for Switzerland’s national day and attended both Fasnacht in Basel and the Liestal fire parade again this year. We had fewer visitors in 2017, but have already had one in 2018 and will hopefully be seeing more later in the year.


All in all, I am still very much enjoying living here and I hope we can continue living here for a very long time!

12 thoughts on “Switzerland, three years on

  1. Nice pictures and I liked that you shared the joys and challenges of your move.

    I’ve met most of my friends via social / partner dancing. West coast swing, country two step, salsa. Loads of fun and very friendly.

  2. I can’t believe you’ve been there for three years already! It seems like yesterday that you were telling us about all the hoops you had to jump through to move there. It must be hard to meet up with people when your partner already has a ready made social life with their hobby.

  3. I love love love Switzerland. I tell K all the time that when we win the lottery we’re buying a vacation home in Switzerland 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself! Get out there and make yourself some fun friends!! (Although I’d probably not take my own advice, lol. Introvert 4eva.)

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