One thought on “11-stork

  1. How lucky you are to have a nesting stork so close to you . I’m clearly living in the wrong country. I also envy you a river to walk alongside. One of the few things I miss about retiring was the lovely walk I took from my office every day I worked either for work purposes or in my lunch break along the River Avon, it was beautiful and relaxing. My Saturday was spent travelling in our campervan down from Carlisle, the northernmost part of England on the west coast, home after our trip to Skye and listening to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding on the radio while reading War and Peace (it’s taking me a while…); getting home and unloading the van; unpacking and putting everything away after doing the first load of holiday washing as the weather was glorious; speaking to Chomeuse on the ‘phone; cooking a quick evening meal, then watching the highlights of the wedding on the TV.

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