Off to the motherland!


I’m off work this week, which theoretically gives me lots of time to blog but unfortunately doesn’t help with my lack of inspiration. Instead, I’ve spent most of the last 2 days cleaning and sorting out ready for us flying to England tomorrow. Does anyone else go in to major clean-all-the-things mode before a trip? The place must be tidy before we go away even though it’s going to be empty during that time. So things have gone to the recycling point, laundry has been washed, our bedding has been changed, I have hoovered and scrubbed and washed dishes. I was also naughty today and went shopping. I bought shoes, which is okay because I needed some for the wedding we’re going to on Saturday, but I also bought two summer dresses and a pair of trousers, which I really don’t need. Oh, and nail varnish. Oops! So much for my May spending ban!

Anyway, I have a shower that needs cleaning then I can finally sit down and have a cuppa! I hope you’re all having a much more relaxing day.


10 thoughts on “Off to the motherland!

  1. Where are you going? Hopefully the weather will pick up for you, the the last couple of weeks was all the summer we’re going to have.
    Yes, I clean and tidy frantically before going away for at least a week (and even do last-minute cleaning for a weekend away), scrubbing the kitchen, en-suite, loos and changing the bed. I hate to come back to a messy house that needs cleaning as I usually have lots of unpacking and washing to do on our return.
    Nothing wrong with a little shopping every now and then – no point working hard and just saving all the time…

    1. We’re going to Northumberland – not exactly known for it’s good weather! But apparently it was gorgeous this past weekend. As long as the sun comes out on Saturday for the wedding I don’t mind too much.

      1. I’m still finding it difficult to navigate round all the different blogs – I don’t get an e-mail prompt with yours so don’t know if you’ve replied unless I go looking for one (hence the delay in finding this one). Obviously the wedding’s long gone now – I hope you had a good time. Where in Northumberland was the wedding? Northumberland is a glorious county, and though I shouldn’t want to live there as it’s far too cold in winter (I hate snow…) I do love to visit. When Chomeuse was living in Durham we took her and a friend out for the day up the coast, via The Angel of the North (which it truly awesome), Alnwick, Bamburgh, Seahouses (for lunch in the wonderful Ship Inn) – not necessarily in that order – Holy Island and Berwick to the Scottish border and back. It is probably my favourite coastal drive in the UK, which we’ve done several times. My husband is originally from County Durham so he thinks the whole area is very special. You certainly can’t guarantee the weather but we were lucky each time we were there, hopefully you were too.

    1. Thank you.

      It never really works for me either, but I at least want the dishes done and the rubbish taken out so we don’t come back to a stinky flat – a very real possibility if it continues to be as hot as it has been recently! And at least the place ends up looking slightly better than it usually does (which probably reveals a lot about how bad it usually is!).

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