35 before 35 – the results


It has been three whole days since I turned 35 so I suppose you could say this post is late. I’ve been trying to think how to write it. After all, there’s not much point in just re-listing all the things I had planned to do when you can just check the master list here and see all the things I have an haven’t done. So, instead, a summary:

Out of 35 goals, I completed 18. That means I did not complete 17… so I did just over half. Of those I didn’t complete, I only read 21 out of 50 non-fiction books, so less than half for that one, but I read 69 out of 132 books for the BBC Big Read, meaning I managed more than half for that one and only have another 63 left to read before I turn 40.

Number 27 on my list, spend the night in a wine barrel, I’m just not that bothered about any more and number 3, learn Spanish, was a silly goal anyway. What does “learn Spanish” even mean… how much would I have had to learn in order to consider it complete? For number 33, have a poem published, I can say I tried. I submitted three poems to a competition and not one of them got through. Not even an honourable mention. I was quite proud of one of them as well! Oh well, their loss… right? πŸ˜‰

Overall, I am very pleased with what I did manage to do. The main goal was to be able to look back when I turned 35 and be able to say I have done things with my life… I have read, learned, travelled and had experiences. And I can certainly say that! I may not have managed to see the Northern Lights (yet) but I did visit not just one but two new continents (overachiever ;-)) having travelled to both Taiwan and New Zealand in the past 5 years. Drinking champagne in Champagne and seeing three World Cup rugby matches were fantastic experiences and 69 BBC Big Read books isn’t bad considering the length of some of them (looking at you Anna Karenina). Now on to 40 before 40! I have a feeling the next five years are going to be interesting whatever happens with my list πŸ˜‰

View of Sun Moon Lake from Wen Wu Temple, Taiwan

10 thoughts on “35 before 35 – the results

  1. If you think of them as “guidelines” rather than goals you’ve done very well. And even as goals it’s still good. The aim was to encourage you to step outside your everyday life, and I’d say you’ve done amazingly. Maybe if I came up with Six things to do before I’m 60 ( 14 months to go…) I might manage to achieve one or two…

  2. Belated birthday wishes and congratulations on your achievements. You’ve done so much in such a short time you should be really proud of yourself. I hadn’t done a fraction of that before I was 35 – though to be fair travel wasn’t as accessible then as it was now. Perhaps I should set myself a list (or get someone else to do one for me…), but I don’t think 70 before 70 is really achievable now. Perhaps one for each year, so 7 before 70?

  3. I enjoyed reading your list (though I never made a list for my 35th!). I think if you can get enough Spanish together to get by on holiday that would qualify. It’s one of the easier languages to learn so why not? As for Shakespeare, the RSC now do some performances broadcast live to cinemas, some outside the UK. It doesn’t get better than that πŸ˜‰

    1. You do cool things without a list though – between all the concerts you’ve played in, writing songs for your school, growing your own veg. Your willy-nilly approach seems to work out perfectly.

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