A Photo an Hour: 19 January 2019

Hello lovely readers! On Saturday, I took part in the first photo an hour day of 2019 via Twitter, and now I’m finally getting round to also posting the photos on my blog. So here’s what I got up to.

10 a.m. Out of bed and wearing my new slippers. Very cosy they are too!

11 a.m. Aww, my tea mug loves me.

12 noon. Made it to the post office to pick up a package before it closed, now doing a bit of shopping.

1 p.m. “Helping” Jan make the office light work… which at that point manly involved watching and waiting (my main job was to hold the light up in the air while he attached it to the ceiling).

2 p.m. We wanted to go out since it was actually sunny so I started looking up places to go.

3 p.m. Finally on the move!

4 p.m. Emmental! We reached our destination not long after that photo.

5 p.m. Back in the car heading closer to the mountains. We were in Burgdorf, if you’re wondering.

6 p.m. Still in the car. It’s hard to take photos in the dark!

7 p.m. Almost back in Basel.

8 p.m. Fooood! Leftovers from the night before plus some refried beans from a tin. It tasted nicer than it looks πŸ˜‰ (Inside the tortilla was chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cheese and lots of garlic).

9 p.m. Making us both hot drinks.

10 p.m. Reading in bed.

11 p.m. It’s good night from Eeyore (and good night from me).

And that was all from that day. If it had been up to me, we would have gone out sooner and had time to stop off somewhere else before it got dark, but Jan wanted to get the light sorted, which is legitimate.

How was your Saturday? Did you do anything nice?

18 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour: 19 January 2019

    1. It is beautiful – mountains all around. It seems to be mainly small, spread-out villages and a few slightly larger towns. More a place for hiking, etc. then visiting a specific place. There is the Emmental cheese show dairy in Affoltern, which could be interesting to visit (although I have heard the Gruyere one offers a more interesting experience).

  1. As usual, I missed the date! I will do this one day!! Still…it sounds like you had a good day – though like you I would have wanted to go earlier. Couldn’t Jan have done the light on Sunday? I think I would have got snitty.

  2. I know that feeling of faffing and then setting out too late- that is mine and CBC’s life!
    Emmental- do you recommend it as a place to go on holiday- I saw your comment about hiking and CBC likes hiking- I’m ok with it! We’re trying to think of somewhere to go in the Summer and we’d like to return to Switzerland some time- it will be 6 years since our honeymoon (which ended in Basel!)
    Nice slippers by the way!

    1. Jan is such a faffer! I can faff as well at times but I’m nothing compared to him!

      You can definitely hike in Emmental. I don’t really know the region that well though. I’m going to write a more extensive comment on your blog in case you don’t see this.

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