January 2019

Ah, January. The month that should have been my last one at work before going on maternity leave. Instead it’s just the start of what feels like it’s going to be a long year. I mean, there’s still a chance I could end up with a baby in 2019, a December baby could still happen, but it’s hard to believe I’ll ever be able to conceive again when some days I find it hard to believe I ever conceived in the first place. A combination of that, the cold, dark days and the relentlessness of work made it difficult to be positive. Mostly I was just tired. I either need a holiday or spring to hurry up… or a combination of both. I’m okay though. Some days are just hard.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about what I got up to in January. And to link up with Kristen, of course, because link ups seem to be the only thing I post these days!?

whats new with you

We started the year with a slow day. I mean, we were up relatively early to have breakfast with a friend who had stayed the night, but neither of us actually left the house on 1st January. We watched something. I don’t remember what. The BFG? Or was that in December? Maybe it was The Jungle Book. No clue. Then I started my first book of the year, which was Far from the Madding Crowd if you’re interested. It took me days to finish.

2nd January was my last day of freedom, and Jan was also off because it’s a holiday in Zurich. Berchtold’s Day. Don’t ask me! We got a car and drove to Einsiedeln. There’s a big abbey there that I can only show you the outside of because you’re not supposed to take photos of the inside. Some people were, of course, but I am a good girl ;-). There was snow, so that was nice… but cold! We then went to a café and had hot chocolate and cake. We wanted to drive to Glarus then to Lake Lucerne and finally to Schwyz, but once we got to Glarus we discovered that the pass to get to the lake was closed and we had to drive back the way we had come. We stopped at a shopping centre where we found some mini drawers for my craft stuff then we drove to the motorway and just came straight back to Basel. Schwyz will have to wait for another day.

Einsiedeln Abbey

My first day back at work was a long one because I had to be in the office on my 2nd day, meaning I worked 9.5 hours on my first day back to make up for only working 6.5 hours the following day (and even though my working day is shorter when I go into the office, it’s a two-hour train ride to get there, so overall the day is longer). I was so glad my first day back was a Thursday and the weekend came after a mere two days!

The first weekend of the year was pretty uneventful. On the Saturday we went to the furniture shop where we bought the light for our “home office”. It hasn’t been working properly for a while and Jan wanted to ask them about it. There’s another branch of the place where we bought the mini drawers in the same area so we also went there and bought a third set. I finished reading Far from the Madding Crowd and started my second book of the year. Sunday was going to be the day the tree came down (6th January… it’s the tradition) but we discovered it wouldn’t be picked up until the 14th so we decided to let it stay for another week. Last year we took the tree down on the 6th then realised too late we had to wait 2 weeks for another collection day so it sat on the balcony for ages and dropped needles everywhere. So this year it stayed. I did take down most of the other decorations on the 6th though. And we hung this year’s calendar… most likely the last time it will show the correct month until about April (typing this has reminded me that 7 days into February it hasn’t been changed yet). I started stitching my grandma’s birthday card then stopped when I ran out of the right thread colours – the two colours I needed to complete it were ordered but hadn’t arrived yet.

Jan took the legs off two of the sets of drawers so I could stack them

The following weekend was a fairly boring one. Saturday was mostly housework and I wrote two pen pal letters… I’m way behind on my replies! Sunday we took the tree down ready for collection the next day. The living room looks so boring and empty. The threads I needed for my grandma’s card hadn’t arrived, so instead I started cross stitching a motif to make a birthday card for a friend’s son. I still haven’t actually made the card and his birthday is in 8 days so I need to get a move on. While I stitched we continued watching Season 2 of Pushing Daisies.

On weekend number three, Saturday happened to be photo an hour day. You can see my hourly photos here. It was sunny, so in the afternoon we decided to take a drive out. We went to Burgdorf in Emmental. The castle turned out to be closed for renovation so we didn’t stay long. We then drove towards the mountains but it got dark fairly quickly so we didn’t stop anywhere else, just took the scenic route back to the motorway then came home. We watched the final episode of Pushing Daisies while eating dinner. I am so mad that it was cancelled. There are things I need answers to! Sunday was a lazy day. I started cross stitching a unicorn that would later become a card for a Post Pals child and we watched some random stuff on TV, including Tatort. The threads I needed for my grandma’s card finally arrived the next day (Monday), so I spent that evening working hard to get it finished so it could be posted.

On the fourth and final weekend of the year, Jan had a choir rehearsal weekend so I had the place to myself. Saturday was the first deep-clean day of the year… I’m determined to at least keep that resolution (not doing so well on the drinking water one). I changed the bedding, cleaned the oven, hoovered and mopped, scrubbed the shower. I also picked up a prescription and took books to a free public bookcase. Not bad! Sunday was my grandma’s 80th birthday, so I called her, of course. (We spent the following weekend in England so we could celebrate with her, but that’s for February’s recap.)

In between weekends I worked, shopped, cleaned. I’ve been cooking a lot of soups/stews/broths lately – it’s the only way to cope with the grey miserableness of January. That and chocolate, which I’ve definitely consumed too much of recently. Thankfully all the Christmas junk food is finally gone so I can stop making a pig of myself now…

So that was January. February is a short month and then March brings my due date, two days later it would have been my other grandma’s 90th birthday and at the end of the month it’s Mother’s Day in the UK. Can’t wait to get that one over with!

I hope your January was a good one. How’s everyone doing with their yearly goals so far? Don’t tell me you’ve all given up already 😉 Check out the link up to see what’s new with everyone else.

24 thoughts on “January 2019

  1. Great job with the cleaning goal! January sounds like it was productive and adventurous for you! Getting out of the house is always helpful when the cold and dreariness has you down. My husband suffers from seasonal depression and he is a BEAR to deal with during this time of year 😉 Lol

    1. Getting out of the house does help. I try to go out in my lunch break when it gets dark early so I at least see some sunlight but work was so busy last month that I didn’t even manage a lunch break on a lot of days!

  2. sometimes i forget i even conceived or was pregnant. like, really? that happened? i know what i went through but there was an actual baby in there? i did it. it’s so surreal sometimes.
    your due date, grandma’s birthday and mothers day will all be hard. i’m so sorry. i wish i could offer up any words that would make it better, but there just isn’t anything. it will suck no matter what, can you plan anything fun around those dates to help a little bit? i’m definitely going to plan a weekend away or something around my due date. i’ll still cry, but i don’t know. i feel like it might help? i could be wrong. what do we know? nothing lol.
    good job on the cleaning goal! i really need to do a deep clean soon. sucks about the water – this may sound stupid but how are you drinking it? when i worked on drinking more water, i found anything with straws worked best for me, because i could just take a few sips every so often. if i had to tip a glass or bottle up, it was too much work. which sounds exceptionally lazy, but oh well 🙂

    1. My due date is a Saturday so I’m at least not working. Maybe we’ll have a trip out or something. We can at least go and see them at the memorial.

      I will drink my water if it’s there, but my main problem is I don’t go and fetch any. I’ll think “I’ll go and get some water after I finish this thing” then the next thing I know it’s 4 hours later and I still don’t have water! I need to get into the habit of filling a glass before work to drink throughout the morning then refilling it at lunch time, because if it’s sitting there in front of me I’ll reach for it.

  3. My surgeon/gynae said I really REALLY needed to drink more (I thought I was doing so well!) For me the problem isn’t so much the putting in one end, it’s the getting it out at the oither: by the time I’ve finished a 1.5hour lesson I’m desperate to go to the loo!!! It’s undignified to rush off the the toilet as soon as your student stands up. I’ve got a 1.5l bottle of water/elderflower on my desk at the moment…this morning I’ve drunk about half but you don’t want to know how many times I’ve visited the little girls’ room!

  4. I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by. In my mind it’s still early January, and our Christmas tree is still out on our terrace (although it has now been chopped up into shredable pieces). Well done on managing the oven! Try to distract yourself as much as possible this month, if you can. Thinking of you xx

  5. So much stitching! I’m very impressed. I’ve also been eating waaaaay too much chocolate lately – I stocked up on all the good stuff when I stopped by the UK recently and I probably shouldn’t have bought quite so much. What do you stock up on when you go back? If anything?

    Really sorry to hear about the sad days coming up. I’ll be thinking of you!

    1. I don’t tend to stock up as such – just eat all the good stuff while I’m there. Although I always buy a Boost and a Double Decker at the airport on the way home. Sometimes I will buy random things to being back with me, like Bourbon creams. Two years ago when we were over I brought back soup (Jan would only let me bring one tin though due to weight – mean!).

      Thank you lovely. Your kind words are appreciated x

  6. I always find January terribly gloomy. I was glad to have orchestra rehearsals to go to (concert was last night) but it was so hard to get myself out of bed. I missed church for 3 out of 4 Sundays because I couldn’t get myself out of bed. Schyz looks lovely- what a shame the pass was closed. I hope that as you get towards the due date, that you don’t get too overwhelmed. I am sad to think about your wanting and having to wait- it must be so frustrating and difficult. Sending you hugs.
    P.S. I want to see the bee dresses! A blog post about them is surely a must- you can tell us all about why you like bees and share any bee things you have- sounds a fun themed post! I might join you in it if you do!

    1. Yes, January is very gloomy. I’m glad the days are starting to get lighter now.
      Thank you for your kind words. The virtual hugs are appreciated.

      My first bee dress was a gift from Jan. There is actually a photo of it somewhere on my blog. But I will try to think of a post. Mainly the bee-love stems from my old nickname being “Bee”.

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