A Photo an Hour: 23 March 2019

Hello friends! I took part in A Photo an Hour with Louise and Jane on Saturday and now I’m finally getting round to writing my blog post. It was one of those rare occasions on which I was actually doing something so 90% of my photos don’t consist of housework and the view from my couch. Hurrah! Let’s take a look at what I did, shall we?

9 a.m. Starting the day with a cuppa, as always.

10 a.m. Showered, now to decide what to wear.

11 a.m. Buying a train ticket while Jan’s in the shower.

12 noon. On a train, about to leave Basel.

1 p.m. Train coffee!

2 p.m. Still on the train, passing Lake Thun.

3 p.m. We changed to a regional train at Interlaken Ost. Photo from somewhere near Brienz.

4 p.m. After three hours on the train we discovered that our detination – the Aare Gorge – was closed. Plan B: cable car up the Hasliberg.

5 p.m. After walking around the village on the mountain for a bit, we’re back in the cable car waiting to head down again.

6 p.m. Reading a book, waiting for the train to leave Meiringen.

7 p.m. On another train, stopped at Thun station.

8 p.m. Still on the train. At least I’ve had plenty of time to read my book!

9 p.m. On the tram home after stopping off to buy a few bits.

10 p.m. Food! There were scrambled eggs as well but I had eaten them all by photo time.

After taking the final photo, I finished my dinner, read the last few pages of the book (in time to return it to the friend who lent it to me the following day) and was in bed before 11.

Next photo an hour is on Saturday, 27th April 2019 if anyone feels like joining in. Simply take one photo every hour and post to Twitter or Instagram using the #photoanhour hash tag or save your photos and write a blog post afterwards.


17 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour: 23 March 2019

  1. It looks like a great trip! I love seeing the photo a day thing, but my Saturdays are pretty houseworky. “Here I am at the grocery. Now I am at Home Depot. Time to clean the dog poo!”

    1. Mine are usually something like “drinking tea”, “emptying the dishwasher”, “grocery shopping”, “more tea”, “putting away laundry”. It was nice to have a vaguely interesting day for once 😉

  2. Bummer your destination was closed! It looks like a gorgeous day of travel, though! And yay for making the most of it and finding something else to do!! 🙂

  3. I love train travel and miss it. When we were in Germany last March, we ended up getting rid of our rental car half-way through the trip and switched to travel by train. So much more relaxing all around.

  4. That’s so annoying about the gorge! Such a long way to go too! I smiled as I read your post as I have been on that train with those blue spotty seats because the pattern was almost identical to my husband’s wedding socks and we took a photo of the socks on the seats when we were on that train! We went to Meiringen which was great- I remember climbing to the Reichenbach falls and taking pictures fighting over a Meringue!

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