April 2019

Well hello there! Can you believe we’re in May already? An entire third of the year is over! Once again, the year is speeding past and I feel like I haven’t really done anything. I should do something about that…

Today is the first Thursday of the month, which means I am linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You – although I’ve already told you about the main thing that’s new with me, namely that I’m currently living on a building site. In case you missed that, you can read all about it here and here. However, that doesn’t sum up my entire month so I shall attempt to tell you about the rest of it. This time in the form of bullet points. I’m still experimenting with how I want to do these posts.

whats new with you

  • We had a new colleague start at work, so we are now three German-English translators (my other colleague is part time though, so there are only two of us in the afternoons). He’s American, which is a novelty. Previously all our English translators have been from Britain. In fact, I think even all specifically from England. He just finished his Master’s in October so translating for actual customers is new to him, but so far he is getting on pretty well.
  • Speaking of work, after being ridiculously busy in January and February (and half of March), things died down a lot at the beginning of the month. While I don’t necessarily enjoy constant overtime having too little to do always makes me uneasy. However, last week I got a big job, which should keep me busy almost until I go on holiday in mid-May, so that’s nice.
  • Jan had choir performances on the first weekend of the month, first in Lucerne and then in Basel. Obviously I went to the Basel one, which meant I got to see the inside of another church. I’m tempted to start keeping a list! We also went to see a performance by a friend of Jan’s who sings in one of his choirs with him. It was… interesting to say the least 😉 This person tends to compose pieces that are very much experimental/unusual, but also cool.
  • We went to Zurich to see Eddie Izzard. It’s the second time I’ve seen him live and he did not disappoint. 10 out of 10, would see again.
  • We also went to the theatre this month… how very cultured! We saw Der Kaiser von Atlantis oder die Todes Verweigerung (The Emperor of Atlantis or The Disobedience of Death), a one-act opera by Viktor Ullmann and Peter Kien, who collaborated on the project while imprisoned in Theresienstadt. They both died in Auschwitz but luckily the manuscript survived.
  • With all that going on plus construction, I didn’t read as much as in previous months, but I did manage 13 books, which isn’t bad. I also have two others that I started in April but didn’t manage to finish. I put myself on a book buying ban for April, partly because of the whole IVF thing, which is expensive, but also in an attempt to actually read some of the many books that are already on my overflowing to-read shelves. Of course, that didn’t stop the books I had previously ordered from arriving and I also picked up a few books from free bookshelves so the situation hasn’t improved in the slightest. This is the current state of said shelves:
    unread books April2019You can just about spot “I’ll Give You the Sun” on the shelf below, which is technically also unread but doesn’t fit on the to-read shelves. I may have a slight problem. Ahem.
  • Easter also fell in April, as I’m sure you all know. We couldn’t go away for various reasons, one of them being that we had to remove everything from both bathrooms, the kitchen and the balcony ready for the renovation to begin on the Tuesday after Easter. However, we did take some time out from clearing and sorting for a trip to the zoo in Zurich on the Saturday and an afternoon in Schaffhausen on the Monday. Schaffhausen has the most amazing metal creatures on the end of their drain pipes… I’m not sure whether you would call them gargoyles as such? I don’t know… see for yourself:


    And that’s about it, or at least I can’t think of anything else. I obviously didn’t do a deep clean in April because it’s slightly pointless when the entire building is a giant pile of dust and there are no bathrooms or kitchens to clean anyway. I did a reasonable job of drinking water and managed to get my five a day some days, but honestly probably less than half. I think I managed at least three most days though.

    So, that was my April. What’s new with you? Hop on over the link up to find out what everyone else in blog land has been up to lately.

26 thoughts on “April 2019

  1. 13 books a month is still impressive! I was feeling frustrated that I haven’t had time to read lately but I realised I somehow find plenty of time to look at social media on my phone so I’ve been trying to leave my phone down and read again in my spare time. I finished “big little lies” which was really good. Is IVF partially covered by insurance there at least?

    1. No, ivf isn’t covered at all – which means realistically we can only do one full round. IUI was mostly apart from some of the meds.

      13 books is still really good – I’ve just been overachieving so far this year 😂

  2. I totally get what you mean with too little work being almost as bad as too much. I’m between projects this week which is kind of nice and I’m also freaking out a bit! I don’t do well with boredom… I’m enjoying your renovation diaries, is it exciting to get new bathrooms and kitchens or more just a hassle?

    1. Exactly, having too much is stressful but I want to work so I also hate twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do!

      It’s kind of fun to see their progress each day and I’m hoping the end result will be worth the inconvenience.

  3. Too little work and too much work both feel bad but I feel like most of us rarely find ourselves in the just right stage.
    I love renovations!

  4. I love going to the theater. What a historic play! Yay for jobs that keep you (happily) busy. What kind of projects do you work on in your field? I’m super curious about it!

    1. We do all sorts… whatever our customers come up with 😂 The big job I’m working on is a translation of a specification document for a process control system, so it’s all about software, etc. Very technical/IT-based. Last week I was correcting an invitation to a trade fair.

  5. Love Eddy Izzard! “Cake or death?” “Uh, cake please.” Like others on here I’m impressed with your 13 books in a month even if its not your usual and I’ve got to agree with you that those drain pipe creatures are pretty awesome! How have you been feeling with this IVF cycle? What stage are you at?

    1. 13 books is actually closer to my usual – I’ve been overachieving so far this year. Lol. I’m still pleased with 13.
      I am at the waiting stage… although honestly seems to describe the entire TTC process!

  6. if it makes you feel any better, my shelves are WAY worse than that haha. i need to do a book buying ban month soon. i’m going to do a month where i only read books i own, so that should help too. i am with you, not a fan of having too little to do, makes me antsy.

    1. That’s just my actual to-read shelves. There is also overflow. Lol. Plus all classics are together regardless of whether I’ve read them. I also have a Stephen King shelf that I haven’t read everything on.

    1. This year really is flying!
      I’ve had months where I only read 2 or 3 books but I’ve been reading so much this year that 13 seems comparatively little 😂 It’s still a lot of books though.

  7. I really need/want to focus on more of the books that I own. I have SO many. It’s ridiculous. I really loved I’ll Give You the Sun though, so I recommend. That’s awesome you got to see Eddie Izzard live. I love him; he’d be amazing to see live!! I’m glad you had a pretty good April. 🙂


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