A gathering of thoughts (and stuff)

Hello my lovelies. It’s time for another one of my “thoughts” posts, i.e. a list of random things that I want to say but that don’t necessarily merit a whole blog post of their own. The tag line of my blog is “just a place for me to gather my thoughts” so the occasional post like this seems fitting. Anyway…

  • The other day I bought myself a take-away hot drink in my lunch break. I felt bad about it but I was freezing and needed something warm (there is a coffee machine at the co-working space but 1) it’s a Nespresso machine and honestly those capsules are no better from the environment than disposal cups and 2) I wasn’t buying coffee). I was relieved/pleased when my drink duly arrived in a cup that claimed to be compostable. Yay! A couple of days later I went by the same place and saw a sign I’d missed the first time saying due to issues with littering they’re doing a test with compostable cups and customers can feel free to opt out and request an ordinary take-away cup. They seemed to have actually run out of the compostable ones that time so I didn’t buy anything. It’s good to know these things do exist though. Now if only all take-away places would start using them…
  • With all the construction going on, Jan and I have been eating out a lot. Two days ago we were walking home after dinner when we suddenly heard a miaowing in a place where no miaowing should be. At first we thought it was coming from a building that seems to be abandoned/under construction but then we realised it was actually below us and saw a kitty in a ventilation shaft/drain thing (not sure of its exact purpose) outside the building. Since it didn’t seem to want/be able to go back out the way it had come in, we called the fire brigade. Jan also took a photo in case it did manage to escape before the fire brigade got there.
    Kitty underground

    When the fire people pulled the gird up, it ran into another bit next to it then after they pulled that one up it went further down into the shaft. It ended up with two people from the fire brigade going down after it, following it all the way through a tunnel and ending up inside the building. They then looked all over the place but didn’t figure out where the cat had gone so they just made sure the doors leading to where the entrance to the shaft is were properly closed and left it. Apparently a large window was open round the back, which is probably where it got in. Oh well, at least we tried to help! The cat didn’t have a collar but seemed to be cared for/not a stray so as we were leaving I said to Jan “It will probably go home now and the owners will be really confused about how it got so dusty”.

  • On the subject of construction, I think the worst thing about this renovation thing is that I’ve only managed to read one book so far this month (hoping to finish a second one tonight though). I usually read in bed at night but having no electricity in the bedroom has been making that kind of difficult, plus with one thing and another we mostly haven’t been getting home until late so I’ve basically been going straight to bed. Jan has choir practice tonight though so I’m having a sandwich for tea (shop bought so no dishes) and attempting to finish my book while I eat.
  • Today I found out one of my colleagues is pregnant. I read it in the minutes of a team meeting and I have to admit I’m glad I wasn’t in the office for that particular meeting. Even just reading it was like a stab in the heart. This way I have time to process and will congratulate her tomorrow instead of having to stuff down my feelings and immediately congratulate her at the meeting. I hate that infertility and the loss of our boys has made me so incapable of just being happy for another human being who has got some good news.

Okay, that’s everything that’s on my mind today. I’m off to buy my sandwich, finish my book then hopefully get an early night. Have a wonderful evening (or day or weekend, depending on when you read this).



8 thoughts on “A gathering of thoughts (and stuff)

  1. You’re still grieving and I don’t think one person blames you for the raw and natural emotions you have about pregnancy. It’s perfectly normal for you to feel all those feelings. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you finish your book! Good for you guys for trying to help that little kitty!!

  2. I don’t know how you are putting up with the renovations! It sounds SOOOOO disruptive! I hope they are charging you less/no rent!
    I know the feeling of guilt. I’ve felt that several times about things when I am out. I do wish more people cared though. I left a comment on Tescos instagram- it was a post about them reducing the price on 100 products to celebrate their 100th anniversary. I said congraulations and said, and how about reducing the packaging on 100 products to continue the celebration (they popped up in my IG feed- I don’t follow them so it seemed a good opportunity) and then I got a message from someone telling me to chill and when I replied and said that I genuinely meant my congratulations but it would be a good PR thing for them but I appreciate him taking the time to tell me to relax (no sarcasm intended) some 16-year old boy left me a comment telling me to kill myself! It makes me sad that some people just don’t care.
    I’m sorry to hear about the pain of hearing your colleague’s news- it must feel so horrible to feel glad for them but so incredibly yearning yourself. xx

    1. It saddens and amazes me that people will happily tell you to kill yourself on the internet, and usually over things that don’t even affect them. Nobody is forcing anybody to think about the environment! (Although I obviously wish everyone would do their bit with no forcing necessary!)

  3. Firstly, I hope the kitty was OK! What an adventure.
    Don’t force yourself or go hard on yourself when other people announce pregnancies. You went through something awful and you’re still, unfairly, fighting to have something other people take for granted.

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