A photo an hour: 15 June 2019

Over a week ago, I took part in the photo an hour link up, but somehow I’m only getting round to writing a post about it now. Also, technically I only half took part because I had forgotten it was that day and only realised when I saw a post on Twitter at 11:30 a.m., so I started at noon. As always, photo an hour was hosted by Jane and Louisa.

12 noon. Already busy unpacking all our kitchen stuff

1 p.m. I feel like I’m maybe getting somewhere?

2 p.m. While I was busy sorting stuff out, Jan found The Wizard of Oz on TV. Apparently he had never seen it?1

3 p.m. We have way too much tea!

4 p.m. Waiting for a train into town.

Forgot 5 p.m. – we were shopping for new pans.

6 p.m. On the bus home. Look at all that rain!

7 p.m. Manor had pies! Obviously we had to try them.

8 p.m. Pie, peas and mash demolished.

9 p.m. Having a beer – I earned it after all that unpacking.

10 p.m. Off to bed with a book.

The next photo an hour date is 20th July. Hopefully I will remember it this time!


7 thoughts on “A photo an hour: 15 June 2019

  1. He’d never seen The Wizard of Oz?? Admittedly it’s not my favorite movie, but I still think I’ve seen it a billion times. Haha! Looks like a productive day for you- even just starting at noon!

    1. I know. I mean, there are films I like more but how could you just have straight up NEVER seen it! At least now he knows where the “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” reference comes from.

    2. Everyone has gaps in their pop culture experience, but it’s still surprising sometimes. In the US, the Wizard of Oz is on television *often* so it would be weird for someone to have never seen it. Over there, I can only guess though about how often it’s on.

      (As for my own pop culture gaps, I have many. Most notably, I’ve never seen *any* of the Godfather movies, and people say glowing things abou them.)

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