June 2019 recap

Hello friends! Can you believe it’s July already? More than half the year gone, just like that. Next month is my birthday! Thinking about it makes me feel a little sick. Another year older and nothing to show for it. But that’s not what today’s post is about. It’s the first Thursday of the month, and that means I’m linking up with Kristen to talk about what’s new in my life (short answer: not much).

whats new with you

On the first day of June, we went to see a Swiss comedian called Emil (I don’t remember his last name, but it’s irrelevant anyway – he performs as just Emil). Some of it was funny, some of it I didn’t understand and some of the jokes might have been funny when he started out (he’s pretty old) but today they came across as… old-fashioned at best (think stereotypical gender stuff). A friend of Jan’s from one of his choirs joined us and stayed the night since she lives in Zurich. On the Sunday she wanted to take an early train, so we got up early too and had breakfast with her. Later we headed into town and ate ice cream shaped like flowers. And then my holiday was over and the Monday was back to work…. which you wouldn’t think would be a problem after two weeks off, but I really, really didn’t wanna. It ended up not being too bad though. I was in the office on the Friday and between the train journey there and back I managed to read an entire book. Woo. Then came the weekend, which was a long one thanks to Whit Monday.

We decided to make the most of the three day weekend and go away for a couple of days. Jan booked us a hotel in Interlaken and we decided on Jungfraujoch on the Saturday and then see what we felt like doing on the Sunday based on the weather. Jan booked train tickets from Interlaken Ost up to Jungfraujoch on the Saturday, choosing 10 a.m. as the time… except it turns out that was the time the train from Kleine Scheidegg left! So instead of leaving Basel at around 8 we had to be on a train at 5:59 a.m. Just let that sink in for a minute… It was a loooong day! At the top we had to acclimatise first – it’s high! 3,466 metres (11,371 ft) above sea level, to be exact. So we explored the things around the station – viewing platforms, ice tunnel with random sculptures. I felt dizzy at first and got out of breath climbing some stairs. The effects of altitude are real! We then decided to hike to the Mönchsjoch Hut. I was slooow, but I made it. We ate some lunch there before making the trek back. Our train back down left at 4:30 p.m., then we walked to our hotel, checked in and went out for dinner before falling into bed completely exhausted.

The forecast for the next day was mostly rain with a chance of thunderstorms. We had been thinking about taking a funicular up another mountain (to Harder Kulm) but there wouldn’t have been much of a view, so instead we took a train to Meiringen and made a second attempt to visit the Aare Gorge… and this time it was open! The rain stopped just as we got there and held off until we reached the other end, so that was nice. Some photos of the very impressive scenery:

Or next stop was the Reichenbach Falls – of Sherlock Holmes fame. We didn’t go all the way to the top – so we didn’t see the exact location of the crime – but we walked far enough up to get an idea. Then we headed back down and sought out a tea room where we could eat meringues (supposedly invented in Meiringen) and an éclair type thing called a Tatzelwurm, named after a mythological dragon-like creature that supposedly lived in the Aare Gorge. By the time we had finished, it was raining heavily so the best course of action seemed to be to take a train home.

The bank holiday Monday was mostly cloudy/rainy. I think we pretty much spent the day unpacking boxes and attempting to get the flat in order. I took advantage of the fact that most of the flats are currently still empty and did some hoovering (on a holiday… I’m such a rebel!). And then it was back to work again. Only a short week, but somehow it draaaagged!

Another weekend arrived, and we basically spent it unpacking boxes. The Saturday was photo an hour. I started late, but you can see what I did for most of the day here. We went into town and bought new pans to replace some of our crappy old IKEA ones. Decent pans… I feel like a real grown up now! Sunday was more of the unpacking, but by the end of it all the kitchen boxes were empty so that’s good. Jan also put the coat rack back up and reattached the shoe cabinet thing to the wall. Almost back to normal!

Week three of June was yet another short one for me – although not for Jan. Corpus Christi may be a holiday in some parts of Switzerland, but neither Basel nor Zurich has one. This time the holiday was on the Thursday, which always completely throws me off. I spent most of Wednesday thinking it was Friday and half of Friday thinking it was Monday! On Thursday, I took advantage of the fact that Basel did not have a holiday and went into town. I didn’t end up buying much though – some shower gel, chocolate raisins,  lunch. That’s about it. I just couldn’t be bothered. Instead I went home, finished a book and read the entirety of another one. Much better use of my time than shopping! I also did some laundry and ran/emptied the dishwasher in an attempt to be at least semi-productive. I also moved most of my picture books from the bookcase into an empty moving box to create more space on the bottom shelf. I’ve rearranged some books and got new ones so obviously most of that space is now full again but at least the bottom two shelves on the middle bookcase look a bit neater. The picture books will stay in the box until I either have a baby to share them with (then they will go on a bookcase in the baby’s room) or I get rid of enough other books to have room for them again.

Yes, that’s the *neater* version of the bottom shelf. You don’t want to know how it looked before…

Then came another weekend. Jan had a rehearsal with the Basel Tattoo Choir on the Saturday morning and then he was singing at a church service in the evening. Demonstrations in town resulted in tram chaos, so after trying for a while to get home from the rehearsal, he called me and asked me to gather the clothes he wanted to change into and bring them into town. I obliged and then, since I was in town anyway, went to a supermarket there to buy something for tea. We ate salmon with couscous, in case you’re wondering. What else did I do that day? Cleaned the kitchen. Read. That’s about it. On Sunday Jan had to sing at another church service, then afterwards I met him in town and we went for brunch at a vegetarian restaurant. Afterwards we wanted to check out the Pärkli Jam festival. Unfortunately it turned out all the bands had performed on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was just dance shows. We bought a drink anyway, watched for a while and then went home. Jan cleaned the living room window (very naughty on a Sunday) while I wrote some letters… one was a response to a letter I received in January. Worst. Pen pal. Ever. In the evening Jan was invited to dinner at a friend’s house – said friend is planning a project that Jan will be part of and wanted to discuss it. I had scrambled eggs on toast for tea, and discovered that the spring onion I added to it was only one eighth of a five-a-day portion. Who eats eight spring onions in one go? I had been tired all day so tried to get an early night but of course failed to fall asleep for ages. Grr.

Not much to say about the following week. On the Thursday I had to go into work because we were all going out for a meal in the evening to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. I also had an appointment in the morning so I couldn’t leave as early as usual and ended up having to take a half day. I just love wasting my overtime to sit on a train [/sarcasm].

The final week of June brought with it a heatwave. It had been hot before that, but for that week we were on a red alert for high temperatures. Umm, yay? Keeping the flat cool enough to work was a challenge. I pretty much had the blinds closed at all times. On the Saturday we ventured out, visiting both zero-waste supermarkets in Basel. I call them supermarkets but neither is very big. We managed to buy washing powder plus a separate water softener, shower gel, shampoo, some vegetables, strawberries, eggs and a glass jar of yoghurt. We didn’t buy any of the staple foods (pasta, rice) since we already have loads. I decided I will go back but you definitely couldn’t do a full shop there! Back at home we didn’t do a lot. I think Jan watched some of the women’s football world cup. Then we ended up taking a two-hour nap. Sunday we didn’t do much. A few of my friends’ children have birthdays coming up so I stitched something for one boy’s card and then stitched and made a card for my cousin’s new baby.

Baby card

And that was my June. I’m still not sure how I feel about recapping my months in this format, so let me know what you think. Is the weekly run-down as boring as I think it is? Should I stick to just highlights and ignore the weekends where we did nothing much? (Does anybody care that I unpacked my kitchen stuff or went to a zero-waste supermarket?). Tell me your thoughts in the comments! And let me know what you’ve been up to lately as well. Also, definitely check out the link up to see what’s new with other people around the blogosphere.

25 thoughts on “June 2019 recap

  1. Lovely pictures of your 3 day weekend – it must have been worth the early morning start 🙂
    I heard about the heat you are having – sounds hectic. We are in winter now and while I love summer I don’t enjoy the extremely hot days.
    Your bookshelves are so neat and tidy.

  2. I totally love reading about people’s day to day in this format, especially yours because your language for describing things is my favourite (very European compared to over here). I couldn’t do this for mine because I would totally forget what I do and it is all very repetitive lol.
    I can’t believe it’s already July either – my bday is also in August and it feels like that will be upon us asap.

    1. I’m glad you like my European language seeing as it’s the only one I’ve got 😂
      I have to translate into US-English for work sometimes and I’m 100% sure I get the phrasing all wrong but as long as we use American spellings our customers seem happy enough 🤷‍♀️

      I try to write little bits throughout the month and save a draft otherwise I would definitely forget things. Usually I manage that for half the month then the second half I have to piece together from memory when it’s time to publish the post.

      I’m really not looking forward to my birthday this year. It was supposed to be my first one with my babies – the twins would have been around 6 months by then. Now it’s just the same as every other birthday.

      1. For what it’s worth, you never set off my British-vs-US-English alarms very much, except for the occasional bit of “very British phrasing.”

  3. I enjoy reading your monthly recaps. I always love getting a glimpse into other people’s life’s and it reminds me to get a move in and do my own monthly recaps. I like it to look back on because sometimes it’s hard to remember what happened.

  4. The Aare Gorge looks magical. I love the color of the water. Was it a hard hike?

    I enjoy reading this style of recap. I like hearing about ordinary everyday moments. It’s cool to know that people actually go to zero-waste supermarkets. They might be small now, but if enough people support them, they’ll grow. It would be great if we were able to make the change to reduce waste in a massive way. I don’t think we have a zero-waste market here. I’ll have to look it up.

    1. The gorge was so beautiful – definitely worth it. It’s a pretty easy hike – there’s a wooden path to walk along and it’s even wheelchair accessible up to a point but then they have to turn around halfway instead of going right to the end.

  5. The falls look so beautiful! And yes, elevation sickness is so real. It seems to be consistently underestimated by many for some reason.

    1. We knew it was going to be higher than we’ve ever been before so we made sure to take plenty of water and try to aclimatise before doing too much. I can definitely see people underestimating it though.

  6. What a beautiful gorge, and so cool to go to the actual Reichenbach Falls. I’m a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fan so I’d have definitely had a moment.

    So please explain the not allowed to hoover and not allowed to clean the windows thing?? Is it a noise thing or..? This is why I love this style of recap, because you learn little details that I’d have had no idea about otherwise!

    We don’t have any zero waste supermarkets near us unfortunately, but we do have a bulk wholefoods place that I need to investigate and see if they do gluten free stuff. I don’t always trust the cross contamination factor in places with giant bins and scoops and things :/ I am keen to do more to reduce my plastic though so I’m going to try and figure something out.

    1. I love Sherlock Holmes so it was cool to be there. Jan was like “We don’t really have to see the star” though so I agreed to go back down on the promise of meringues. Haha.

      At the zero waste places the dried stuff is in containers on the wall with a handle that you pull. I imagine that reduces the risk of cross contamination since they’re dispensed directly without a scoop? I can see it being an issue with the giant bins and people just using the same scoop for everything though.

      1. Oh that’s a much better way of dispensing things- I have only ever seen the scoop and bin situation which has put me off a bit!

  7. Hello! I love your chatty style f writing so these type of posts are right up my street! Well done for making it to the Zerowaste places. How did you find th prices? I like my one but because it is all Organic, it is fairly pricey! However, since my bid to avoid Plastic as much as possible, seem to be buying less so it seems to be balancing out!
    I loved going to the Jungfrau but we did it at a much more civilised hour than you! Ouch! We also took pictures of those birds- they were so tame!
    Jan does so much singing! It is very impressive!
    We drove home today in the rain which was very welcome as last Summer was so scary with the lack of rain- I am grateful every time it does (luckily no floods here though we do get them near us!)
    I wish we had seen that Gorge when we were in Meiringen! We only took a brief trip up to the Reichenbach falls!

    1. I’m glad you like it 🙂
      I’m not sure on the prices of the zero waste shop. I think the washing powder might work out slightly cheaper but the loose pasta and things is more expensive. I would need to do a proper comparison though. The shower gel and shampoo are definitely a lot more expensive!
      I loved the birds at Jungfraujoch. They’re so cute. We saw some when we went to Titlis a few years ago as well.

  8. Switzerland and Europe are just so dang beautiful. Your trip pictures are gorgeous! It’s so odd to me to ride a train everywhere. We don’t have that in Ohio really. Sounds like a productive and busy month!

    1. Switzerland is so gorgeous. I’m really lucky to live here.

      I never got trains in the UK – they’re so expensive and always delayed. But in Germany/Switzerland everybody takes the train everywhere. I actually love it!

  9. i know what you mean about another year older and nothing to show for it. it’s not true, but i know what you mean. oh my word that is HIGH. my nose would have bled for sure lol. beautiful scenery though! mmm i want an éclair. YUM. i have realised we need new not-crappy pans but it’s hard to find any that have all good reviews lol. i really need to get rid of my crappy ones though. lol our shelves look the same – we took our big bookshelves downstairs and built some floating/hanging ones and all of my books *technically* fit but it’s not pretty. made me realise i really need to get rid of some books lol. read them first of course.

    1. Yeah, it’s not true but it feels like it. I mean the million and one (okay maybe slight exaggeration) translations I’ve done for work must count for something at least. Haha. It’s just hard when the year’s moving so FAST and it feels like it should still be like February.
      I should get rid of books but it’s haaaard. They’re mine and I want them all. LOL. I have made myself a goal for the rest of the year to re-read some books that I’ve had for years and see if I actually really want to keep them.

    1. It was a lovely break 🙂
      It’s so nice to be almost back to normal. We are still waiting on the glass for shower but other than it’s basically all good. Now I just need to sort out my office again since I just dumped everything on the desk in there amidst all the chaos.

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