Half-yearly goal recap

(Alternative title: Help, the year is half over already!)

The sky’s the limit…

Now that we’re six months (plus a week and a bit) into the year, I wanted to take a look at the goals I set for myself back in January and see how I’m doing with them so far. Maybe decide if I want to change anything or add some new ones for the rest of the year. When I made my goals, I split them up into categories so I’m going to do the same again.

Reading goals

  • Read 100 books (Good Reads challenge goal). Of these:
    • 10 should be non-fiction
    • 12 should be from the BBC Big Read list
    • 20 should have been on my to-read list before 2019 started

I have actually read 94 books already, so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing okay with this goal! I’m thinking of upping it to 150. Another 56 books by the end of the year seems reasonable. Of those 94 books…
– 1 was non-fiction (actually one and a half, but I don’t think the half counts…)
– 5 have been from the BBC Big Read list
– 28 were physically on my shelves (and therefore my to-read list) before 2019 began. I have also read some others that were on my Goodreads or ancient, pre-Goodreads handwritten to-read list but were only acquired in 2019. Having this as a goal has been a real motivator. Whenever I go into work, I try to pick a book that’s been around for a while to take with me… and being stuck on a train for ages also means I will actually start it if only due to a lack of alternatives.

Overall I’ve been doing pretty well on my reading goals… apart from that damn non-fiction one! I’m going to be trying much harder with that one for the rest of the year. And I will be taking Big Read books on the train with me from now on! I think should have enough trips to work before the ends of the year to be able to meet my goal of 12 books…

I’m also going to add one extra reading goal:

  • Re-read four books that I own and decide whether I actually want to keep them or not

In the past I’ve kept most of the books I read (with the exception of ones I really hated and a few that I forced myself to get rid of before we moved to Switzerland) but that means there are a lot of books on my shelves that probably aren’t really worth hanging onto. I decided to do this after re-reading a book that I couldn’t remember whether I had read or not and discovering that I actually had, it was just really forgettable. Since then I’ve re-read two books on purpose and ultimately decided they weren’t worth keeping (in fact, one turned out to be a Bookcrossing book so it really should have been re-released after reading anyway! Oops.) but now it’s been added on to the goals list it’s official ;-). Four seems like a reasonable amount to fit in between all the unread books I feel like I should be giving my attention to. I also want to re-read Good Omens before I watch the TV series (waiting for it to come onto the BBC) but I already know I will definitely not be getting rid of that one!

Cleaning goals

  • Deep clean once per month. To include:
    • Cleaning the bathrooms including mopping floors
    • Cleaning the kitchen including mopping floor and cleaning the oven (bolded because I will clean that damn oven regularly if it kills me! Gah.)
    • Changing bedding
    • Dusting
    • Hoovering, taking away recycling, etc. as needed (although I do those things regularly anyway)

YES… I have actually been doing this! I did skip a couple of months during the renovation, but I then did an extra, almost month-long deep clean in June as I attempted to get all the dust off everything. And my new oven has a cleaning setting, which mainly seems to involve burning all the dirt into oblivion? I dunno… but result! It also tells you when it wants to be cleaned, which is fun. I am hoping that I can keep up with it for the rest of the year, but we’ll see…

Healthy eating goals

  • Eat 5 or more portions of fruit and veg on at least 3 days per week
  • Have nuts/fruit as snacks instead of chocolate and crisps
  • A maximum of 2 cups of black tea per day
  • Drink at least 2 pint glasses of water per day

Umm… *whistles nonchalantly*. Well, I’ve done okay at some of these. I drink enough water on most days and I’ve only rarely gone over the 2 cups of black tea limit (when I was really tired). Snacking is so-so… I have cut down on crisps and started snacking on dried fruit/nut mixes more often but I still definitely eat too much chocolate. But when it comes to my 5 a day… nope. I’m lucky if I eat five portions one day a week. I probably average around three (often all three of them in one meal) but I have to confess that there are days that I only manage one portion. And there have even been days that I haven’t eaten a single one. Those days are rare but do happen. So I really must try harder with this one. I will continue for the rest of the year and try to dream up some ways of motivating myself to eat more fruit and veg. Maybe I need to make myself a star chart like a small child?

So overall an okay first half of the year. Let’s see if I can make the second half more than just okay.

Did you set yourself any goals for the year? How are you getting on with them?


8 thoughts on “Half-yearly goal recap

  1. I feel like you’re not doing badly at all! A few checks under each section! I find it really hard to keep track of food and stay true to my food goals. Not because I don’t love fruits and veggies, but just because it’s difficult to track. Good luck during the second half!

    1. It is difficult to track. I think I need to try and keep a proper record. I know there are days that I really don’t have much fruit or veg though. I need to do better at having something at every meal.

  2. I can’t even remember if I set any goals!
    This year is flying by isn’t it? You’re doing really well.
    As for your 5-a-day I used to write down everything I ate and note how many portions of things I had, I know it sounds boring but only takes a few minutes, and really shows your eating habits. It’s a bit like a star chart as it feels really good when you get your 5 (or more) a day! I also looked into what counts as one of your 5 and was surprised at some things. I found ways to add a portion here and there, for example I have 30g of dried apricots with my breakfast, no matter what I’m having and that starts the day with at least one portion. 150ml of fruit juice counts as one (but you can only count one in a day, no matter how many you have), so if I have that with breakfast too, I’ve got two portions before the day has even begun! See how exciting this is?! hehe!!!!

    1. We eat a lot of beans but I’m only allowed to count them once, so if I have a baked potato with hummus for lunch and then make chilli with two kinds of beans I only get to count all that as one portion. Mean!

      Most days I’ll either have no breakfast or just toast, then lunch might be a cheese sandwich or sausage roll. I always mean to eat some fruit as an afternoon snack but I either don’t have time for a snack at all or I don’t feel like having the apple I bought so I’ll have something else instead, leaving me relying on dinner for all 5 of my portions. Some days I do really well but others not so much.

      1. I’m like you with fruit! I find that I haven’t eaten it which is very annoying! And then dinner is on pressure to have as many as possible! You#ve done really well with goals so far! I am impressed. I am goalless and it is not good!

  3. You’ve been doing great overall! The only yearly goals I have are reading ones. I’m not great at other year-long goals because I tend to forget a few months later! Sometimes I do seasonal goals, but right now I’m just working on my summer “fun” bucket list 🙂

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