A Photo an Hour: 20 July 2019

Hello lovely readers! Saturday was July’s photo an hour day. I took part on Twitter and now I also want to post the photos on my blog.

10 a.m. Obviously my day starts with tea.

11 a.m. Shower time. We’re still using the bath but the glass for the actual shower is due to arrive on the 29th! Also, we are not currently using those plastic bottles of shampoo/shower gel but of course I haven’t thrown them away because pouring out half the contents is even worse than having single-use plastic bottles in the first place!

12 noon. Waiting for a bus.

1 p.m. We met a friend (technically Jan’s friend, but who’s keeping track?) and went for a drink by the river.

2 p.m. Still by the river. It started to cloud over (but then brightened up again)

3 p.m. We went for food. I took this photo slightly late because I got distracted by eating πŸ˜‰

4 p.m. Jan wanted caffeine. He went to Starbucks (which we never usually do) because he got a discount for being part of the Basel tattoo cast. Annoying that they give you plastic cups even if you sit in! This branch didn’t have any normal glasses and only small mugs.

5 p.m. Slightly delayed again as I was paying for some purchases then had to run for the bus. Photo taken on said bus.

6 p.m. Home and reading my penultimate book for Erin‘s reading challenge.

7 p.m. Another tea – ginger and lemon this time so I switched cups. Looks more like autumn than summer.

8 p.m. At this time of year I have lots of cards to stitch (it’s also about time I started Christmas cards!). This one is for my friend’s son, who is turning 5.

9 p.m. I wasn’t hungry for dinner after that huge lunch, but I popped to the shop because I fancied some chocolate. Plastic-free options are limited at the only place that’s open at night… I pretty much had the choice between this and Toblerone (or a grapefruit Lindt bar which quite frankly sounds disgusting).

I could have taken a 10 p.m. photo but I didn’t because I always like to have an even number, so that’s yer lot for today.

What did you do on Saturday? I hope it was a good one!

11 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour: 20 July 2019

  1. Looks like a good day! I really like orange chocolate, but agree that grapefruit chocolate doesn’t have much appeal for me. I also really like your Little Miss Sunshine mug. πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t even like grapefruit so I can’t imagine it being good in chocolate!
      The mug was a leaving present from our pub quiz team when I moved to Switzerland. Little Miss Sunshine was our team name πŸ™‚

  2. The outside pics from your day are beautiful. It always blows my mind how different Switzerland looks from everywhere else. I love it. I love that mug, too!!

    ((ALSO! You’re more than welcome to enter the HP giveaway on my page! Lord knows you’ve sent me so much over the years and I don’t mind the extra shipping for you at all πŸ˜‰ Enter away!))

  3. Grape fruit chocolate sounds disgusting! Urgh! I have to say, it’s quite nice having an excuse to buy nicer chocolate to avoid plastic!!! I really like that one you have there! Looks like a nice day! Your mugs are cute!x

  4. I like the intense orange chocolate! I’ve been on a mission to find plastic free and palm oil free chocolate and Lindt is on the list of ones I can eat πŸ™‚
    I was at Latitude Festival on Saturday but for got it was Photo An Hour and didn’t take many photos, I will blog about it though…

  5. Clearly I’m in catch-up mode lol! I’m trying to remember what I did last Saturday, but I think it was too hot to be outside so I stayed indoors and read and binge-watched the latest Queer Eye season. I love your mugs, especially the Little Miss one, I think I read them all as a kid! Anyway, sounds like a great day!

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