July 2019 recap

Hello everyone. Happy first day of August! I’ve taken today off work because it’s the Swiss national holiday. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do these monthly update posts, so this time I’m trying out a different style. Let me know what you think. Linking up with the lovely Kristen, of course. If you’re not following her blog yet, you really should!

whats new with you


Renovation stuff

Pretty much everything was already done in our flat before the month started – the missing glass wall cover thing for the kitchen having arrived at the end of June. At the beginning of July they painted the stairwell, including our door frame (every time they wanted to do something there they rang the doorbell so I would open the door for them). Then on the 5th the construction manager and the architect came by to do a final inspection – even though we were still missing one radiator and the glass wall for the shower. The letter we got informing us about the inspection requested access to the entire flat so I spent the first week of July sorting out more things so that a) they could get to the windows/radiators and b) they wouldn’t see that we’d still been living like savages after the kitchen and bathrooms were complete. This meant unpacking the final box (which contained bathroom stuff), taking things back out onto the balcony, hoovering everywhere again (how was there still construction dust floating around?!). It doesn’t sound like that should have taken all week but I also had to work, do the usual household chores, make food every day. And it was hot for most of that week. Anyway. The spare room is back to pretty much normal, which means it still looks like a storage room with a bed. Before the renovation, I made Jan help me empty the final few boxes that had been in there so it would have been box free for the first time since we moved in if I hadn’t decided to pack away most of my picture books. I could still move them to the cellar but that feels too defeatist, like I’m accepting the fact that our chances of becoming parents are so remote that there’s no point in having anything relating to babies easily accessible. This week a man came to install the glass panel/door for the shower so finally the bathrooms are completely finished. The only thing missing now is that one radiator, but basically it’s done and I can finally shut up about the renovation πŸ˜‰


I was participating in Erin’s book challenge so most of my reading revolved around the categories for that. You can see my list here. I then participated in the Reading Rush, because apparently one challenge in a month isn’t enough?! The list of books I read for that is here. If you want to know what I thought of the books you’ll have to wait until Tuesday for Show Us Your Books.

Cross stitch stuff

In my world summer means the start of birthday stitching season, with two people to make cards for in August (one right at the beginning) and another two in September – although this year might be the last time I make one for my little brother. He’s turning 13… at what point does a cross-stitched card from your older sister become uncool? I stitched one and a half cards for friends’ children in July… I really need to get that half one finished! I made a previously cross-stitched design into a card as well and sent that to a Post Pals sibling. Totally winning!

mermaid card

Travel/days out

On the first Sunday in July we went to the zoo in Basel. I have no photos for you because we spontaneously decided to go in as we were walking past and my phone camera is terrible. It was fun to see the animals (they had baby beavers!) but I counted no less than three sets of twins and every person I saw with a toddler either also had an older child or a baby or was very heavily pregnant and I was so jealous that they had clearly not only been able to get and stay pregnant but apparently also plan to the extent that their children were close in age. I mean, obviously I don’t know their history but emotions don’t do logic. I should really have known better than to go to the zoo on a sunny weekend in the middle of summer!

As I’ve mentioned, today is Swiss national day, so last night we went to the Rhine Falls to see the fireworks display. We’ve been to the Basel one a few times and I just wanted to do something different. We got there early, which was good because there were a lot of people in the end and it meant we were able to get a great spot. It was definitely a cool setting for fireworks!

And that’s about it. We didn’t really do any travelling in July. I did spend a day in the office in Germany, as usual, but that definitely doesn’t count!

Miscellaneous/general life stuff

Jan was participating in the Basel Tattoo again as a member of the choir. I went to the parade on the first Saturday and then attended the Friday night concert. It wasn’t quite as good as in previous years – it seemed like there weren’t as many acts so some were repeated (the Red Hot Chilli Pipers performed three oo four times). But it was still entertaining and the Chinese lions were fantastic!

Basel Tattoo lions

Apart from that it was honestly a pretty boring month, at least I can’t really think of anything else I did. Work was busy again so I did a fair amount of overtime, but other than that I guess I pretty much just read. For this month I have a few plans with friends (yes, I do actually have a few of those in real life) plus August is my birthday month so maybe I’ll have more to say next time.

Meanwhile, why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to recently? And check out the link up, of course.

22 thoughts on “July 2019 recap

  1. Aww I’m sorry about all the emotions at the zoo – you are absolutely right and emotions are not logical that way but you already know that. Baby beavers sound adorable though!! Looking forward to seeing what you have been reading!! I need to get cracking a bit more on Erin’s challenge. Those cross-stitch cards are so awesome!! I love them!! Happy birthday month – it’s mine too!! I love it!! I think yours is maybe the day before or after mine (the 14th)?? I feel like we talked about this before. lol.

  2. You must be so glad that the renovations are finished – it is often a long and messy business! I remember growing up my parents had their kitchen re-done and it took forever. We had no kitchen for nearly a month, lived on take aways and convenience food and everyone was so glad when the kitchen was working again. It has put me off a bit on renovating as an adult to be honest.
    That cross stitch card is so pretty – a creative gift is always special. Hope you have a great August.

    1. Yeah, we didn’t really get a choice about the renovation since we rent and the landlord wanted to do it. I mean, we could have moved out but we didn’t want to move. And now it’s done so we’ll be left alone from now on. It was definitely necessary since the bathrooms/kitchen were from when the place was built in the 80s!

  3. Sorry about the zoo experience. I know those emotions and they can be really tough. *hugs* I love your cross stitch card! It’s really beautiful and getting something handmade is always really meaningful. Looking forward to hearing about your books.

  4. I had a fairly quiet month as well, but sometimes I feel like I need that to reset a bit. I’m surprised you guys don’t get the day off for the Swiss National Holiday, but at least there were fireworks and hopefully you’re enjoying your day off anyway! Congrats on getting the reno done!

  5. Oh wow! Your cards are so special! So beautiful, I’m very impressed! I’m glad you had a good if not a little boring month! I’m always amazed at your reading speed. I am such a mood reader that I get distracted during challenges, however I always read something I might not have otherwise and have fun which I guess is all that matters. πŸ˜‰ I think baby beavers sound adorable! Have an excellent August!! πŸ™‚ XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I am kind of a mood reader but the Erin’s challenges have enough books to still let me choose the order based on my mood. And I try to put in books I’ve been putting off so they finally get read.

  6. It’s always interesting to see when other countries have “random” national holidays!
    I was in the Caribbean for July 4th one year on a Dutch Island and I was like “Oh, this is totally not July 4th here!”

    Eh, renovations are tough but always worth it in the end.

    😦 Don’t give up. I swear anything is possible when it comes to fertility.

  7. i’m glad the renovation stuff is finished! the construction dust seriously lasts forever.
    sorry about the zoo, i totally have those feelings too sometimes. like you said, emotions don’t do logic! love the cross stitch mermaid!

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