Three Things #2

I am feeling very uninspired at the moment, hence the lack of blog posts. I could finally write up my travels from… ummm… two years ago(!), but that would involve resizing photos and I don’t wannaaaa. So I guess I’m both uninspired and unmotivated. Anyway, here’s a little filler in the form of a post I stole from Steph. So much excitement! You’re welcome.

The picture isn’t relevant to the answers, but there are three birds so…

Three films I’ve watched more than 20 times 
1. The Lion King (thanks to my little brother who was obsessed as a kid)
2. Grease (same little brother. When he was 2-3 years old he literally refused to sleep unless he had watched Grease!)
3. Alice in Wonderland (the Disney version) – it only seems fair that I add this, since this was my childhood obsession. I wore out our video cassette of it, and I’m sure my mum was equally as sick of the sight of it as I was of Grease!

Three things I don’t do
1. Run – stole this one from Steph, but it’s true. Jan keeps trying to get me to go jogging with him. Hahaha, no!
2. Anywhere near as much housework as I should.
3. Iron. Ever.

Three things I’m always up for doing
1. Pub quiz
2. Reading
3. A day trip

Three good things that happened this month
1. Meeting up with friends (and meeting their babies)
2. I got to stroke a tiny puppy on the train to work the other week
3. I discovered that Manor in Basel sells self-raising flower and Bisto gravy granules. It’s the little things…

Three things I wish everyone knew so well it was ingrained in their bones
1. The difference between there, they’re and their.
2. Nobody’s life is perfect no matter how social media might make it look.
3. If you think that you’ll be happy once you achieve one specific thing (whether it’s losing X amount of weight, finding the perfect job, meeting someone you want to spend you life with, buying your dream home…), you’re wrong. Happiness comes from within. If you’re not happy now, then once you’ve achieved that thing you will just move on to the next thing that is absolutely, definitely all you need to make you happy.

Three things I’m tired of
1. Brexit – sound familiar?
2. Never-ending housework
3. Infertility

Three things I’ll never tire of
1. Tea
2. Pointing out every dog I see to Jan
3. Books, of course

Three things I like to photograph
1. Bees on flowers
2. Basel
3. Scenery

Three things I can’t resist
1. Chocolate… unfortunately
2. Adding new books to my wish list
3. Cute jewellery from Etsy

OK, that’s all. Over to you… tell me your three things for one of the categories in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Three Things #2

  1. I pet every single dog I come in contact with and I have no shame about it 🙂 Your three things that everyone should know are SO true. And I will never be a runner either. LOL

  2. Infertility is THE worst. Hope things get better for you.
    … I NEVER run. If you see me running, then you’d better start too, because something is probably chasing me. Lol

    1. Thanks. I had a hysteroscopy 2 weeks ago and I *hope* our next frozen embryo transfer will at least have a chance to implant now.

      I will maaaybe run for a train but leaving the house specifically for the purpose of running? Nope!

  3. I hate running too. I always used to have to run for the train before I got my bike. Sometimes I still have to run as the slope up to the train platform is hard to negociate on a bike in a panic when the train is standing there. My sister is obsessed with running now and I wonder how we are related! I agree with the homophones knowledge! And also the its and it’s rule.
    I hope hte embryo transfer you mentioned above works out. xx

    1. Half of my mum’s siblings are obsessed with running and now my cousin’s son is into it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the wrong family. Haha.
      I hope the embryo transfer works. It will be our third so let’s hope three times is the charm!

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