My favourite season


There are people out there lamenting the fact that proper autumn isn’t here yet. Apparently they actually want it to be dark by 5pm and not get light again until everyone has already started work the next day. They’re looking forward to never leaving the house without a rain coat or an umbrella. They’re excited about cloudy days and wet, slippery leaves. But for me, personally, this late summer/early autumn stage is my favourite.

♡ The days have cooled down to a bearable temperature so I can leave the house without a hat, 12 bottles of water and enough sun cream for an army but I only need a jacket if I’m venturing out early in the morning or late at night.

♡ I can go for a walk and neither roast nor freeze. You can call my Goldilocks because I like my temperatures “just right”.

♡ It’s dark by tea time so I can light a candle and curl up with a book after we eat, but I still have time to run out and grab some groceries after work before the evening draws in.

♡ Pumpkins and squashes are back in the shops (yay!) but I still have meal choices that aren’t “what’s the most warming thing I can think of because it is freezing today!” (Side note: why does all warming/comforting food involve so much peeling and chopping? Our evening meals take up so much more of my time on cold days).

♡ We get the ocasional rain shower but it hasn’t yet progressed to multiple days at a time of grey skies and wet feet.

♡ The trees are just on the cusp of turning and soon I will get to marvel over all the wonderful colours, but currently all the trees still have their leaves. (Within weeks of autumn foliage time the trees will be bare and won’t start to get leaves again until April. Is that what all you people who are demanding autumn colours *right now* actually want? Six entire months of depressingly naked trees?)

So all of you who are longing for real autumn, followed by winter, just be a little bit patient. You’ll get your cold, dark, damp days soon enough (and they will go on for longer than you think!) Just let me have these 4-6 ish weeks of “my” season. You may even find that we agree on some things.

*Disclaimer: while the descriptions of my preferences are true, this post in its entirety is thoroughly tongue in cheek. No offence at all intended to those who are looking forward to autumn/winter!

17 thoughts on “My favourite season

  1. I love autumn, but the one you are describing! I like when the trees turn a beautiful colour, going on lovely autumn walks and wearing boots. September and October in Germany are usually nice as the weather can still be sunny and it hasn’t gotten too dark yet. Oh yeah, I also love pumpkin and squash. I also find preparing meals with vegetables so time consuming which is frustrating as I really wanna eat healthy but it’s hard to have the time and patience to prepare the meals so we often end up eating something quick and not that healthy.

  2. “why does all warming/comforting food involve so much peeling and chopping?”
    Generally, root vegetable peak season is during fall/winter. Additionally, I imagine that back in the day, root vegetables would get stored up during the winter since summer produce isn’t available until it’s warm again, which means a lack of food. The association with comfort food is due to the fact that we tend to eat things when they are in season and we associate being warm with comfort and when it’s cold outside, we seek comfort… and we’re willing to peel those gourds to make a hearty soup that warms us up since it’s what we have on hand.

    I mean, I might be wrong, but human behavior is pretty consistent with what we’ve always done and in more simple times, it really was a matter of existence.

    That said, BRING ON THE COOLER TEMPS. I’m tired of melting when I look at a doorway.

    1. It’s only around 25°C here during the day now. I hate heat but I also hate cold so anywhere from around 18-25°C is my happy place.

      Comfort food all seems to be like mashed potatoes, soups, stews, etc. which I love, but the process of peeling/chopping/cooking it all not so much. In summer I get to shove some salad leaves, nuts, mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes in a bowl and call it “dinner”. 15-20 minutes to take food versus 1-2 hours in winter. That’s valuable reading time!

  3. Lol, I am FOR SURE one of those people who lives for colder, rainer, darker days. That said, I don’t mind the early days of summer either 🙂 I love all the things you described so I won’t rush my dreary winter upon you quite yet 😉 LOL!

    1. I don’t mind some rain – I know the Earth needs it. But when it rains non-stop for weeks and every time I leave the house everything ends up soaked it’s just depressing. I hate being both being too hot and too cold, so I’m always happiest at this time of year when it’s a mixture of chillier days and days when you can still leave the house without a jacket. I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t want it to instantly switch to cold/rainy/dark on 1st September and then stay like that until the end of April. Eight whole months without seeing the sun sounds like my actual worst nightmare!

  4. I’m going to get all Bah Humbug here. I HATE the Autumn that these people rave about – it is misery incarnate! And I think your opinion is just right- I’ve never thought about it before but it is nice that you can not wear loads of clothes, there are still lots of cheap summer veg in the shops. The only thing I don’t like is September sweats!!!

  5. Love the way you describe autumn! We are going into spring and I love this time of year where our mornings and evenings are chilly but the day is warmish and doesn’t need a thick jacket. I love autumn for the same reasons – pleasant not too hot and not too cold. Yes I sound just like Goldilocks!

  6. I like this time of the year too, because the temperature only climbs to around 85F (just below 30C) in the afternoon, and it cools off a bit at night (like down to 25C.)

    In other news, I’m still thinking about moving back to places with actual winter. 😀

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