Autumn walk 2019

Every year since we moved to Basel I’ve gone for a walk at the end of October and taken photos of the autumn colours. The second year, it was pure coincidence that I took the photos on almost the same date, but since then I’ve done it on purpose…. what can I say, I like the direct comparison. This year I had to overcome a certain amount of reluctance to leave the house since it’s been raining for days*, but I gave myself a stern talking to (along the lines of “it’s only water” and “skin’s waterproof”), put on my raincoat and got out there.

(* I hope everyone who’s been wishing for this weather since mid-August is currently out stomping in puddles and singing in the rain… I would like to think that somebody is enjoying the fact that my time off work has been a complete washout so far!)

Anyway, enough rambling – here are this year’s (rather soggy) photos.

This year the trees are all either already bare or still green, with the occasional splash of yellow or brown here and there. None of the vivid reds and oranges I found in previous years. Also, apologies for any blurry spots on these photos – my lens got wet!

And now here’s the comparison of the same date on all five years (sadly not all the exact same stretch of path, but you get the idea).

The 2017 and 2019 photos are in basically the same place, so that’s nice. There’s definitely more green in the background this time! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to get out there again and continue the experiment.

17 thoughts on “Autumn walk 2019

  1. Such a lovely way to enjoy autumn! I love the pics from 2015 to now – such a great idea to take them each year.
    We are technically in summer right now but we’ve had the strangest weather – so cold for this time of year. I’m sitting with the heater on early this morning which is unheard of – we are nearly in November!

    1. The first time was an accident but once I had 2 photos taken on the same date I had to continue every year!
      We got new windows earlier this year and they’re triple glazed so I actually haven’t needed the heating on yet even though it’s cold outside. I hope you get some summer weather soon!

  2. Ugh. I’m sorry the rain is putting a damper on your vacation! (Literally!) I personally love this weather, but I can see how it’d be frustrating if I had the week off. I’d only want a day or two of it.
    Beautiful pics! Even with the wetness! When it does this during fall it kind of blows/washes the pretty leaves right off the tree. You got some great pictures, though!

    1. I don’t mind rain but it’s been the kind where if you leave the house for even 5 minutes you’ll have to get changer when you come in. I was soaked after my walk! Thankfully today the weather at least improved enough for me to take books to the free bookcase without risking them turning to pulp on the way.

  3. I love this tradition! It’s important to me to get out during the darker months, even if it is in the rain. But I am definitely one of those people who loves those gloomy, rainy days. I can see how it has put a damper on your holiday, though. I’ve been really lucky lately with some crisp but sunny fall days.

    1. I don’t mind rain but when it pours down for days on end it gets a bit excessive! If it was just a bit of rain I could still do stuff but this is the kind where you go outside for 2 minutes you have to change your clothes.

  4. How serendipitous!!! I love your photos, even if they are a bit blurry- it gives a real sense of what it feels like to be there (i.e. cold and a bit grim!!!) Interesting to see which years it was like!

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