Did I achieve my 2019 goals?

I’m still considering which goals I want to set for myself next year. It will probably take me a week to get them fixed and write a post again, but for now I want to take a look at last year’s goals and see how I did with them. I had them split into three sections (reading, cleaning and healthy eating) and I did a recap in the middle of the year where I changed/added to them so I will talk about the new goals here as well.


Reading goals

  • Read 100 books (Good Reads challenge goal) – increased to 150 in the middle of the year. Of these:
    • 10 should be non-fiction
    • 12 should be from the BBC Big Read list
    • 20 should have been on my to-read list before 2019 started
    • Additional half-year goal: re-read four books that I own and decide whether I actually want to keep them or not

I won’t have time to read anything today, so I’m finishing the year on 180 books. I think it’s fair to say I smashed the overall goal! However, only two (and a half) of those were non-fiction. I really most try harder to read non-fiction in 2020! Seven were from the BBC Big Read, five of which I read before my recap in July. Both the ones I read in the second half of the year were huge though (960 pages and 1376 pages) so I don’t feel too bad about it. As for re-reading, I only managed to re-read one book – which I did then get rid of. I’m definitely going to make some kind of goal involving re-reading for next year because there are a few I want to revisit before deciding whether to remove them from my shelves.

9-bathroom cleaner

Cleaning goals

My one cleaning goal was to deep clean once a month (I then went on to list all the things that involved, but I’m not going to do that here). I’m going to say that was mostly a success. I did clean the oven once a month up until the renovation, and since then we’ve had a self-cleaning one. And I’m pretty sure I’ve cleaned the bathrooms at least once a month. I’m not sure I mopped every month, but certainly more often than in the past so I’m calling it a success.



Healthy eating goals

  • Eat 5 or more portions of fruit and veg on at least 3 days per week
  • Have nuts/fruit as snacks instead of chocolate and crisps
  • A maximum of 2 cups of black tea per day
  • Drink at least 2 pint glasses of water per day

The first one I’ve found really hard to track. There have definitely been days that I’ve had no vegetables at all, and weeks where I’ve had vegetables every day but haven’t managed five portions on any day. I did do pretty well at having dried fruit as snacks at the beginning of the year (which also helped with my portions) but honestly it’s all fallen by the wayside since around October and I’ve eaten way too much chocolate. Being healthy just hasn’t felt that important between all the IVF failures. If I’m not going to get pregnant regardless of what I do it all feels pretty pointless. I’m definitely feeling motivated to get back on the bandwagon next year, I just need to think of a goal that’s a bit easier to track. I can say I’ve been very successful with the black tea – most days I only have one cup. I may have increased to three a couple of times over Christmas but I’m okay with that… in general my caffeine intake has been pretty low. Water has been a but of a mixture though – during the summer I did really well (extreme heat helps!) but recently I’ve been forgetting to drink for most of the work day then realising I’m thirsty right before bed and downing a whole pint of water. Not ideal. I really do need to work on that!

Overall I’m going to say I did okay. A few things ticked off in each section, and I’m at least more mindful of what I’m putting in my body even if I don’t always succeed at actually drinking the water and avoiding the chocolate.

Of course, my other goal/wish/hope for 2019 was to get pregnant again and to actually stay pregnant, but that one was entirely out of my hands and did not happen despite mine and the doctors’ best efforts. My body remains useless but, for now at least, we’re not giving up.

And that’s that. 2020 goals coming soon!


9 thoughts on “Did I achieve my 2019 goals?

  1. Oh my goodness! 180 books, I got to 36 and thought that a good number.
    I like your cleaning the oven once a month challenge, I should do that, my oven is very much neglected as it’s the household chore I hate the most.
    As for tracking what you eat, how about photographing your food? A friend of mine did that and it helped her as she realised the snacks she forgot about, and made her more aware overall…?
    And your body is not useless!! I can’t stress this enough. As women we are made to feel that we’re just here to reproduce, and we feel utterly useless if things don’t go to plan, but your body is not useless, it sustains you, it’s complex and wondrous, and deserves to be celebrated.
    Well done for not giving up, it’s as tough as hell to keep going.

    1. I hated cleaning my old oven and never did it, then ended up spending literally hours on it when I did my pre-Christmas clean! I made the monthly goal because I was fed up of doing it’s that way. I want to continue deep cleaning once a month this year.

  2. I find that if I have a glass/flask of water next to me then I drink it. I definitely prefer cold water, or maybe with a bit of squash in it, so why not get an isotherm cup to keep the drink cool and keep it next to you as you work. You might then drink it almost unconciously.

      1. I know what you mean. I am very good at filling my water flask just before I get on my bike to leave the house and leave school because it is routine and I die of thirst on my computer train uf I don’t but at all other points of the day….er!!!!
        180 is brilliant! I’ve aimed for 100 every year and always exceeded it – 109 this year, 130 last year. I feel I need to make my new target 120.
        I’ve shamefully NEVER cleaned an oven. Not once, not ever!
        I think I should aim to clean the bathrooms regularly like you as I HATE doing it. I resent CBC never doing it (apart from once last month)

  3. I like that your goals are specific and trackable; that’s not at all how I do things. I say stuff like “eat better,” and then wonder in December why I’m getting rounder. 😀

  4. You did really, really well in 2019! Way to go with the book goals and cleaning goal!! I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time getting motivated in the health category. Completely understandable. I hope 2020 is a much different year for you! Good luck! Sending you all the baby vibes!

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