January 2020 recap

I’ve seen lots of people complaining about how long January was, but I actually think it went fast. I mean, we are more than a month into 2020 already… how is that even possible? And I have no idea how it went so fast considering I didn’t actually do anything, but I shall recap my month for you anyway.

As usual, I am linking up with the lovely Kristen. If you don’t know who she is all I can say is why on Earth not?1

whats new with you

Visitors/out and about

Weird title for this section, but it was the best I could think of. Anyway, we started the year watching fireworks over the Rhine with visitors from Germany. The fireworks in Basel don’t start until 00:30, so very definitely January and not December! The next day we all slept late then we had a nice brunch together before our visitors headed home.

On 4th January, we went to the theatre with a friend from one of Jan’s choirs. We watched something that called itself a “Basel musical”. The story was a bit strange but it was well done and funny. Another person from the same choir was performing… Jan knows a lot of talented people.

Then on the 19th, we took a tram and bus to Gempen with the same friend we went to the theatre with and hen walked up the hill. Gempen is slightly higher up than Basel city and we found the tiniest bit of snow! The view wasn’t the greatest though given the clouds. We had coffee/hot chocolate and cake in the restaurant before heading back to Basel. Not much of an afternoon out but it’s all I’ve got. Also, I don’t remember what the wooden sculpture was supposed to be. Sorry.


I feel like basically all I did in January was read. I completed the first round of Erin‘s challenge and then read lots more books. My total for the month was 22, although one of those was an audiobook. You will find out exactly what i read and my opinions soon, but my favourite book of the month was Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone.


As you may have seen if you read my photo an hour post, Good Omens finally started on the BBC! We have been recording it to watch later because it’s on far too late to actually watch while it’s on. We’ve watched the first three episodes (number 4 was on last night) and it’s exactly as well done as I expected it to be and a wonderful tribute to Terry Pratchett. I am in looove.

Cross stitch

I stitched and made a birthday card for my grandma, whose birthday was at the end of January, and I also stitched the pattern for a new baby card even though I don’t need it for a while. It’s only January and I already have friends with babies due in April, May and June so it seemed like a good idea to get ahead!

bird card

Miscellaneous/general life stuff

– I mentioned in my December recap that I was supposed to have a hysteroscopy that month but the doctor couldn’t manage to insert the camera into my uterus. So I went back in January, and this time had it done under general anaesthetic. I was so worried beforehand that something would happen and they wouldn’t be able to go through with it, but it all went fine. Since I was anaesthetised, I wasn’t allowed to go home by myself so Jan had to work from home that day then come and get me. And I also couldn’t work so I was off “sick” for the whole day, which gave me a chance to finish two whole books so yay for that! The scar tissue that was removed the first time had grown back over slightly and the doctor also opened up a few cysts (but said there wasn’t really much blood in them). Whether that will help is something we’ll find out, I guess.

– After the hysteroscopy, the doctor wanted to do a sonohysterogram (or saline ultrasound) to flush everything through and make sure it all looked good after the hysteroscopy, so I went back to the clinic for that a week later. It took a while to get the catheter in (until she switched to the smallest one) but after that the procedure was pretty quick. It wasn’t that painful at the time but my abdomen hurt a lot afterwards so I was glad of the Buscopan and painkiller they gave me to take home! I guess I’m glad I had it done though… anything that might help.

– I did my first deep clean of the year, which also meant cleaning the bath/shower/sinks for the first time since Christmas – and yes I’m aware I should do that more than once a month and the bath/shower are rinsed every time we use them, but it was the first time properly scrubbing them all in a month, okay. Anyway, that was a Sunday and on the Tuesday I saw dust on the bath and one sink. That’s two days later. No wonder I hate housework. It’s relentless and never-ending and all the hard work is undone before anyone even notices that you did it in the first place!

– What else? I went into work and my colleague who is on maternity leave came by with her baby son, who was born in October. We also ordered food for our lunch break so that was nice. Also, I was only in the office once in January because the first time I was supposed to go I ended up getting off the train after half an hour and coming back home. I felt really sick/shaky. By the time I got home I was fine, but I had already told work I was ill and had all my jobs re-planned so I just went to bed. I never actually vomited and I was perfectly fine every other day afterwards so who knows what that was all about. (And that was before both the hysteroscopy and sonohysterogram so no, definitely not pregnant. I think they might have noticed while they were poking around my uterus with a camera!)

– We went to the zero waste shop again at the start of the month. When we were there in June last year we bought washing powder and I still have enough left for probably 5 washes. We filled our other tin this time so I think I have enough packaging free washing powder to last a while. We also refilled the shower gel and got a lot of rice so give me all your rice-based dishes please!

I can’t think of anything else. This has been the most boring update ever. Sorry about that. I genuinely just haven’t done anything in January. Hopefully February will be better! Until then, check out the link up and find out what all the people with actual lives have been doing with them.

11 thoughts on “January 2020 recap

  1. I hope the medical procedures yield some good results! I remember having something similar done and it was ridiculously painful.

    And I agree: January went by quickly!

  2. I’m so impressed by how many books you read in one month – I’m lucky if I manage to read 20 in a year! ☺️ Good Omens is brilliant, David Tennant and Michael Sheen are fabulous together, just wish it was longer. X

  3. Can’t wait to hear about the books your read in January! I hear you on the housework….while yes it has to be done, it is ridiculous how quickly the progress is thwarted.

    I’m sorry you had to go through another hysteroscopy and sonohysterogram. I agree, after the sonohysterogram was probably the worst part, but I’m sure their difficulty with the catheter was none too pleasant either. I hope these procedures bring wonderful results!

    1. I remember my mum stressing about housework when I was a child and vowing never to be like that. I haaaate it though. I mean, I guess most people don’t find housework particularly enjoyable but it’s annoyingly never ending.

      I did not enjoy all the fiddling with the catheter but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve endured in this whole journey so I just sucked it up. I had an ordinary ultrasound the other day and at this point even the doctors are like “you’ve been through so much! ” Ha. Hopefully all that poking around will have helped.

  4. i don’t know how, but january always goes by super fast and super slow. i don’t know how it manages to do both lol but it does.
    YAY JANE DOE!!!! So good!
    i am so glad you are enjoying good omens!! sucks you had to wait for it to come on the bbc though.
    love your cross stitching as always! so cute!
    i hope the hysteroscopy helps πŸ™‚
    i hate cleaning the bathroom. i will do every other chore a thousand times before i clean the tub/shower. except dusting. i HATE dusting. you’re right, it’s never ending.
    sorry you felt really sick 😦 that’s the worst.

  5. I HATE housework!!! I agree it gets dirty so quickly. I was so annoyed that I cleaned and hoovered the kitchen floor (white) on Friday and it’s already filthy today. Chris is so messy, he makes such a mess!!!!
    Hope the Hystero procedures yield good results.
    I had 2 days off school with tonsilitis. I’m STILL not better though. My tonsils are still very swollen. Sorry you were sick.
    That’s good you can get washing powder. My shop doesn’t doit!

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