Make cards not waste!

It seems like an odd time to be writing a “normal” post, but on the other hand I feel like a bit of normalcy and lightheartedness is something we all need right now. And with everyone stuck in doors it seems like the perfect time for a post about crafts. No need to leave the house to make cards!

When Jan’s choir has concerts, he often brings home advertising postcards that he’s supposed to leave in various places. Last year, after the concert, he had a big stack that he planned to throw away. I noticed that the image was an indistinguishable pink circle, so I asked if I could have them for crafting rather than wasting so much paper. Later in the year, he had another concert and I claimed the leftover postcards from that as well.

Here are the adverts in question (I removed the names of the choirs because some privacy has to be allowed!):

choir adverts

And some of the cards I made from them:


Of course, not everyone has a regular supply of advertising material with pretty backgrounds coming in, but there are plenty of other things you can recycle for cards. Take a look at these two Easter cards:

The blue egg with the flowers was made using the backing cardboard from a packet of stickers and the pretty patterned orange one is from a teabag box. (Random aside: Pukka teas have the prettiest boxes!).

So while we’re all stuck indoors, go forth, see what pretty packaging you can find in your house and make some cards! You can even post them if you’re out anyway, fetching groceries or medicine – I’m sure your family and friends will be very glad to receive some happy mail while we all try to stay safe, at home, away from our loved ones.

Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Make cards not waste!

  1. I’ve been planning to make cards but as I’m so busy working – which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, as I am only paid for the hours I teach – I have no time during the week. And at the weekend I seem to have to catch up with stuff I’ve not had time to do during the week!! Teaching from home requires more admin work (follow up emails, for example) so I’m doing a lot of unpaid work too.
    Still, I am very grateful to have the work, as many people don’t. Mr FD is also working from home. Is Jan able to work from home (or are you not in “Lockdown”?)

    1. Jan has been working from home for 2 weeks now. We are in semi-lockdown – we’re allowed out but bars, restaurants and most shops are closed. Supermarkets and pharmacies can open, but that’s it. No gatherings of over 5 people in public but you CAN go for a walk, bike ride, jog, etc. with people who live in your household. So it’s not full lockdown, more they want you to stay home but as long as you’re in a group of fewer than 5 nobody will actually tell you off for being outside.

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