Reasons to be grateful

These are trying times (especially given that, today, I called my fertility clinic to find that – as expected – they’re closed and all treatments are cancelled until the government lifts its restrictions, so who knows when I will be able to even try another embryo transfer), but I still have a lot to be thankful, so I thought I would make a list. This post is about things I am grateful to have in my personal life, so it won’t mention the “key workers” who are keeping society running – and I hope it goes without saying that I am grateful to the medical professionals/care workers who risk their lives every single day to help people in need (a shout out to my mum who is a nurse here – hi mam!). This post was inspired by Kezzie, who always manages to find reasons to be grateful even in the darkest times <3.


1. I am not in isolation alone. As much as I am fine with being alone – most of my hobbies are solitary – not seeing anybody at all for weeks on end would be too much even for me! I still don’t see a great deal of Jan – it seems like without a commute he works even longer hours – but at least I know he is here, albeit locked in the spare room on his computer most of the time 😉

2. I love my flat. There are definitely people out there who don’t like where they’re living and I can’t imagine being stuck there for the foreseeable future would be much fun!

3. We have a balcony! Obviously I would prefer a nice big garden, but our old flat in Germany didn’t even have a balcony! Even if I can’t properly go out I can at least get some fresh air.

4. My employer is being very transparent about what measures our company will be taking and there’s a plan in place to make sure nobody has to stop work entirely and we can hold out on full pay for as long as possible. We will be applying for “short-time work” from April but the hope is that our customers will rally sooner rather than later and things won’t end up being as bad as they seem. Also grateful that – as of right now – I have enough work to last me until the end of next week before I even need to start using my overtime. (And this is all I’m going to say about work because I don’t really like to talk about it here).

5. Spring is here! The days are lighter and warmer and even though I can’t see any flowers from my flat I know they’re out there. (And I can see the trees that are budding and growing new leaves – hard times are so much easier when it’s light outside and everything looks alive.)

6. Books. I am always grateful for books, but I’m even more grateful now that I enjoy reading and have plenty of unread books that have been waiting on the shelves for far too long.

7. Solitary hobbies. Cross stitch and card-making are things I can do without even leaving the house, so really I haven’t even lost anything. (Other than the ability to go for hikes before it gets too hot. And, of course, we had to cancel our holiday but this is supposed to be a positive post so enough about that.)

8. That we went to the UK for Christmas. If we hadn’t, I have no idea when I would have got to see any of my family again. Before Christmas, the last time I had seen my dad and grandma was very briefly in February 2019!

9. That we have so much technology for keeping in touch these days. My dad called me via WhatsApp the other day, the boss addressed us all via Skype today, my mum is in constant touch via WhatsApp, and people have even messaged me on Facebook… and of course I’m constantly in contact with blogging friends via Instagram, Twitter and – naturally – their actual blogs. I may not be able to physically see anybody, but honestly I’m probably in touch more now than I would be if I actually lived in the same country as my friends and family!

10. We have plenty of food and our local supermarkets (mostly) do too. When I’ve noticed something missing it has usually been available again the next time I went in – so last Friday I couldn’t get tinned tomatoes but yesterday I managed. (The only loo roll available yesterday was the scented kind but luckily we currently have plenty ;-)).

Okay, that’s it. ten seems like a good number. I hope you all have a good weekend despite everything!

Tell me something you’re grateful for in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Reasons to be grateful

  1. I made a list like this yesterday too, mostly I’ve been feeling grateful for sunshine, a garden and a family I don’t need to be scared of being confined with for any reason.

  2. Today I’m grateful for technology that allows me to keep in contact with my family. To day I’ve spoken to my Dad, my sister-in-law, and my aunt. I spe3nt most of the morning on the phone!

  3. Beautiful list ❤ and I'm so, so sorry about the fertility clinics. That's heartbreaking. Maybe your body with rejuvenate and prep itself for a successful and positive transfer in the near future!
    I'm grateful for technology and all the streaming services and the unread books I have in my house 🙂 And that the drive up window in our library is staying active & open!

    1. That’s what we were hoping would happen when we took a break in December and then did the hysteroscopy in January to make sure everything that could prevent implantation was cleared away, but February’s transfer still failed. I guess anything’s possible though.
      We are definitely so lucky to have so much technology, etc. I can’t imagine how it would be to be stuck in the house all day without it!

  4. I love this list! So many happy things! You have lots of blessings. I agree about having someone there. I am so grateful I am not alone. My work colleague C lives alone and her family are all in Wales and she doesn’t have the internet at home so she’s been so worried about being at home. She’s ended up going into school most days aside from her set day for caring for the kids but she’s been in her own classroom so she can use the internet

  5. what a great idea! It’s good to think on the positives, no matter how small. I’m grateful that I can work from home. I’m grateful that I don’t live alone. I’m grateful that I can still go outside for walks or sit on my front porch. I’m grateful that I have many books on my shelves so I have plenty to read. I’m grateful to have blogging and all my internet friends, as well as many ways to talk to in-person friends I cannot currently see.


    1. So grateful we’re still allowed to go for walks, especially with the gorgeous weather we’re having here! We don’t have a garden (although are very lucky to have a balcony) so it’s nice to be able to at least get out occasionally.

  6. I’m grateful for a job that is largely unaffected by the pandemic, since I was already 100% remote and my company is distributed all over the world.

    That being said, I live alone and damn I miss hugging people. I know you posted this several weeks ago, so I hope you’re still in spirits as good as when you wrote this!

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