A couple’s day in lockdown, April 2020

I saw a few people doing “my day in quarantine” on their Instagram stories and I thought it would be fun to do something like that here, but a couple’s version. Also, I don’t call mine “quarantine” because people in quarantine don’t get to leave the house. My uncle was in quarantine for potential exposure because he had been in Tirol and he had to stay in his flat for 14 days and his daughter wasn’t allowed to come home from her mum’s for that entire time. If you can do your own shopping and see family members you’re not in quarantine! Anyway… rant about semantics over. This was Easter Saturday – I’ve just been too lazy to sort out the photos until now.

10 a.m.

Jan: Sleeping. (I took a photo of our bed the night before specifically for this purpose!)

Me: Making a cuppa, because that’s how I always start my day.

11 a.m.

Jan: Still sleeping.

Me: Getting some reading in before Jan emerges and the TV goes on.

12 noon.

Jan: In bed. Where else?

Me: Thought it was about time I actually ate something!

1 p.m.

Jan: No change 😂

Me: Time for a shower.

2 p.m.

Jan: Apparently got up while I was in the shower. No watching TV and eating breakfast.

Me: Reading is out, so now I’m colouring.

3 p.m.

Jan: Watching the news while playing a game on his phone.

Me: Watching the news and continuing to colour.

4 p.m.

Jan: Even when all live sport is cancelled, my boyfriend manages to find football!

Me: Finished my picture.

(Immediately after I took those photos Jan went for a shower and I hoovered the flat, but at photo time the above is what we were doing)

5 p.m.

Both: Our for a walk. Hello ducks!

6 p.m.

Both: Still walking. Said hi to some goats.

At 7 p.m. we were still out, walking towards home, but I forgot to take photos. It wouldn’t have been very interesting anyway since we came back along a busier road.

8 p.m.

Jan: Ordering food for us (and then he went and emptied the dishwasher).

Me: Getting started on my blog post for April’s Show Us Your Books.

9 p.m.

Both: Food came – and we also ordered some Italian soft drink things (that is actually not Coke!)

10 p.m.

Both: Watching Indiana Jones, apparently?! I had never seen it before. It was terrible! (He made me watch the next film the following night. It was even more terrible!)

I stopped taking photos after that. I took my book to bed and read until it was finished. Jan stayed up watching TV until I don’t know when.

And that is a snapshot of how each of us coped on one specific day in lockdown (or semi-lockdown really, since we’re still allowed out to buy food and go for long walks).

I also have an “official” photo an hour post still to come. That one will just be what I was doing. This couple’s was just something I thought would be fun.

I hope everyone is doing okay out there. Keep staying home. It will be worth it in the end!


7 thoughts on “A couple’s day in lockdown, April 2020

  1. I laughed as each subsequent picture featured the duvet!!! Haha, he must be tired!
    That pizza looks scrummy! We’ve eaten lots of exciting food this week because I went to the supermarkets a couple of times!

  2. I like your variations on this- a couples version and a weekend one! I was considering doing one but on a weekday which would be pretty boring since I literally since in front of a computer for 8 hours- not very interesting! I feel like Indiana Jones is an American classic hahah. My friend bought me the series when she learned I had never seen it a few years ago. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it more!

  3. wow Jan gets up late! What happens if you need to be somewhere in the morning, will he set his alarm and go to bed early if he has to? It looks like he’s a night owl and you are more of a morning lark?
    Good point about the semantics- I’ve been confused between the terms lockdown /quarantine and social isolation to describe staying at home during Covid times

    1. That was a particularly late start. He usually gets up at about 12 on weekends. But yes if he needs to be up he’ll set am alarm. Last weekend he had choir stuff so he was up at 8. I could sleep longer but I usually set an alarm and get up around 10 otherwise I feel bad for wasting the only time available for housework, etc. I wouldn’t really say I’m a night owl or a morning lark though. I’m a somewhere in between who would love to sleep more but thinks 5-day working weeks don’t leave enough time for it!

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