June 2020 recap

Happy July friends! We’ve actually made it through half of this messed up, unpredictable year. As always on the first Thursday of the month, I’m linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You.

Honestly, June wasn’t the best for me for reasons that I will not go into now. Maybe one day. Also, my mum was supposed to visit but obviously couldn’t so I have no idea when I will see her (or any of my family) again.

But anyway, what did I actually do in June?

I made cards for two friends who had babies 15 days apart. One boy, one girl. The second child for each of them.

I’ve blurred out the name on the second card. Even if none of you know who my friend is, there’s no need for her daughter’s name to appear on my blog. (If you can actually manage to read it despite the blurring, please keep it to yourself.)

Switzerland relaxed the rules a lot more. Basically everything is open now. The border with Germany opened again on the 15th, but I haven’t actually been into the office yet. Jan went into his office once because he had to pick something up, then he went for lunch with some colleagues (keeping the appropriate distance apart) including someone who is relatively new, as in started working there during lockdown, so he thought it would be nice for her to actually meet some people in person. I haven’t actually been to any shops yet (other than supermarkets/pharmacies) but we did pick up take away sushi from a local place that doesn’t do delivery. Theoretically, events with up to 1,000 participants are allowed now, but I don’t expect there to actually be any since as far as I know everything that was originally going to be in July or August has already been pushed back to the autumn or next year.

We walked into town a couple of times, avoiding people as best as possible. On one of those walks, we had a drink by the river – staying on “our” side because the other side was packed! Some people seem to think this whole thing is over – and yes, Switzerland is doing pretty well, but at the end of last week there were 69 daily cases compared to just 18 at the beginning of the week, so even here where numbers are low we’re far from out of the woods!

Jan went to his first choir practice since the beginning of March! He says they put the chairs an appropriate distance apart and not many people were actually there anyway. Their next practice will be in August, provided Switzerland doesn’t end up having to restrict things again by then…

I finished 17 books. You will find out what they were on on Show Us Your Books day. There were a few I really enjoyed but only one I gave five stars, which happened to be the very last one I read in June: With the Fire on High.

That’s it I think. I don’t have anything else to tell you. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Don’t forget to check out the link up. And tell me what’s new with you.


14 thoughts on “June 2020 recap

  1. I’m sorry June was a bit rough for you! I hope all is well, or will be soon.

    Love the baby cards you made – they are so cute.

    Things are opening up around me, but I still don’t really go anywhere. I’m in the U.S. so you’ve probably heard that cases are really rising in areas because people seem to think COVID just went away or something. It’s crazy. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go into another lockdown at some point.


  2. yay halfway through this crappy year. the second half has to be better, right?!
    i’m sorry june wasn’t good for you. hugs xx
    ohh with the fire on high is on my list, glad you loved it!

      1. Ahhh, I’m so sorry it hasn’t been a good month for you. Whatever has been the cause, I hope it improves and is solvable.
        Your cards are beautiful. You are so clever and kind to make them esp since the subject matter must be a bittersweet one for you.
        I’m hoping and praying that all the restrictions lifting don’t cause a rise again. I just wish people would be more cautious.

  3. This wknd here in the UK is when all the pubs are opening. That’s a bit scary really. We are heading to our caravan for the first time since March. Where our van is , is usually very quiet, so fingers crossed it won’t be hectic. I’m still not working and suspect that the cafe I was at is just going to close as the boss has made no effort to think about reopening. We shall see. Hope you have a better month in July and get to see your family soon. xx

    1. I think if I lived in the UK I would not be going anywhere near a pub! Enjoy the caravan.
      I hope July is better. Surely the second half of the year can’t be as and as the last few months?!

  4. I’m sorry to hear that June wasn’t a good month for you. I hope you’re ok.
    I can’t understand how some people seem to think that this pandemic is no longer a threat, it boggles my mind! It is nice to feel that we have a bit more freedom but I don’t feel the need to go out just yet.
    Lovely cards, the giraffe is especially cute!
    Take care

    1. I’m ok, but it would be nice if something could go my way just once!
      I can’t believe how casual some people are being about things. I just read about someone here who went out to a bar KNOWING they were infected and supposed to be in isolation. Because of them every person who visited the bar that day is now in quarantine. It makes me so angry!

  5. You cards are always so beautiful and thoughtful! People in the US act like it’s over, too, and we’re WAY deeper in the woods than Switzerland. So infuriating! And don’t even get me start on people that are traveling out of the US right now. Ugh. We’re still distancing, wearing masks, and trying to stay safe!

  6. I’m glad it’s pretty good where you are. Hopefully your numbers will start going down again. It is not looking good in the US. I am ashamed and disappointed at our lack of leadership and by our lack of willingness to do the right thing together. *Sigh*

    I haven’t been stopping by to read blogs much lately, but I hope you’re well and I hope the summer looks up for you even though 2020 is the absolute worst!

  7. I hope July has been better for you so far!!
    We are still being really careful. Our area has not been badly hit (South Germany) so far. It’s such a strange situation we all find ourselves in.
    Your cards are beautiful! I’m sure they will be very appreciated.
    Stay safe.

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