An art tour of my home (Bloggers Art Gallery)

Hi everyone! Kezzie came up with this idea of a kind of bloggers art gallery – basically a link up to allow bloggers to share the art they have in their homes. The interpretation of “art” was left completely open – paintings, sculptures, carvings, glassware, a beautiful patchwork quilt. Whatever art means to you. I thought it sounded fun so I decided to join in.

For my post I wanted to a kind of virtual tour, as if I was actually walking through our flat with you telling you about the things we have on display.

The first thing you see when you come in the door is one of my favourite pieces in the whole flat! My cousin sent me this for Christmas 2019 and she informs me it’s by an artist local to her in Shrewsbury. Regular readers will surely remember it as we got it framed only recently.

If we turn to the right and continue down the corridor, the next thing we come across is two decorative tiles, hanging above the cabinet where we keep towels and other things. I bought both of them years ago on Dawanda – the former German version of Etsy. The cat one is a copy of a piece by Rosina Wachtmeister, an Austrian artist. I think they’re made using serviettes but don’t ask me how!

Appropriately, the fox card is actually from Kezzie herself! It was far too pretty to put away so it lives there. The gap on the left usually contains a framed photo of my godson but I took it down before taking this picture… privacy and all that.

Some of you may remember that where the red panda now hangs used to be home of a fox that was drawn for me by blogger Alison. Never dear, Mr Fox is still around! He’s just moved further down the corridor to be with a second piece of zentangle inspired artwork that Alison sent me in memory of our twins.

Having reached the end of the corridor, we now enter the bedroom, where we only have one thing on the wall (I need to do something about that!). This hedgehog is a digital print made up of lots of triangles. I got it from a charity auction in aid of PostPals.


Next door to the bedroom is the spare room. In there we have something that isn’t art as such, but we found interesting enough to frame. It’s a very cool jigsaw. (It’s also a pain to photograph thanks to the reflection from the window on the other side of the room!)

Exiting the spare room, we find a very important piece of art to our immediate left – a gift from my godson. I’ve removed his name from the photo, but the date shows he was almost 3 when he painted it.

There’s no art in my office so we’ll walk straight past that door and continue down the other side of the corridor. I won this bee in the same PostPals auction as the hedgehog.

bee print

We’re back to other end of the corridor now. To the left of the front door is a shoe cabinet, which houses a watercolour postcard I bought the first time I went to Paris. The little bowl was a gift from a friend in Luxembourg – would you believe it’s made of paper? And obviously the little painted chalice is from Rome.

On the wall above the postcard, next to the living room door, we find a peregrine falcon. My dad’s girlfriend’s dad painted it for me years ago!

Into the living room next, where we turn left along the bookcases and find this poster of Paddington Bear. I’m not sure whether it’s strictly “art” but I love it!

Paddington Bear

Three pieces reside on top of the cabinet that houses our wine glasses. Jan’s sister drew the gorilla. The two cross stitches are mine – Death of Rats was a gift from me to Jan years ago and he gave me the Me to You bear kit, which I then stitched.

Above the TV is a shelf that’s full of DVDs, and also houses two little foxes. Both were painted for Jan by his sister and I adore them!

Below the shelf, to the left of the TV, is a cabinet, and on top of that cabinet there are two cards featuring artwork by my aunt. She does them as Christmas cards, and these two are the most recent. I have others that aren’t on display, including a koala from when they lived in Australia. I wonder if you can guess where they live now?

Also on that cabinet are a painted stone and two postcards, all by Jan’s sister. The stone was a recent gift to Jan, the postcards are older.

Moving around the room, on either side of the window we have two things that we had framed years . Inn the left is a print of a Rosina Wachtmeister painting (she of the cats in corridor – she does a lot of cats, but this one doesn’t feature any).

To the right of the window is something that was actually an advert for an event at a French cultural centre where Jan used to help out. He liked it so much that he wanted to get it framed. I’m not actually sure what it’s supposed to be.

Above the sofa is a poster of a painting by Edward Hopper. Jan has owned it for years, I think since before we even met. He likes Edward Hopper… I’m quite honestly indifferent to him.

Finally we head into the dining room part of our open plan living/dining/kitchen area, where we have a frame containing some mini cross-stitch motifs that I stitched for myself years ago.

And that’s the end of my tour. We don’t have any sculptures or anything cool like that, there’s no wall space in the actual kitchen area and we don’t have any art in the bathrooms.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of art other people have in their homes. Once the various posts are up I’ll add the links here in case you want to see them too.

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23 thoughts on “An art tour of my home (Bloggers Art Gallery)

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s funny that you’re as indifferent to Edward Hopper as I am to Steven Binks (one of Andy’s favourite artists). We don’t have much art because we can’t agree on what to display, or even buy!

    1. If people didn’t keep giving us stuff we would have a lot less. LOL. And some of it is what we each owned before we moved in together – Jan had his Edward Hopper poster and I had my Rosina Wachtmeister print and my peregrine falcon. We tend to be able to agree on cute animals more than other things. I like bright, fun things and he likes Hopper πŸ˜‰

  2. You have so many pieces of artwork on display. The red panda is so cute, I love it. Also, it’s wonderful that you’ve put up the painting your godson made, it is very special indeed.

  3. It was so interesting to see all the art you have in your home. My favourite pieces are:
    -the fox that Kezzie gave you,
    – actually all of the foxes you got, but especially the ones by Kezzie and Alison,
    – the abstract art from your (then almost 3 year old) godson,
    – the kiwi art from your aunt (I’m assuming she lives in New Zealand now?),
    – the Death of Rats ( I remember that Kezzie corrected me once when I wrote the Death of Mice or something of the sort in one of my book reviews- I forgot the character’s name),
    -and your mini cross stitch motifs.

  4. Thanks for the tour of your art in your home. You have some lovely pieces. I especially love the fox on the rock. I have a bunny painted on a rock but forgot to add it to my art gallery.

  5. You have similar taste to me! I immediately gravitated towards all the animals!!! I love the bee and the falcon is wonderful as well as the Kiwi! You have lots of foxes too which is EXCELLENT! Ha, I’m touched that my fox card (not BY me, I hasten to add for anyone reading this! It was from Oxfam!) lives out!
    I’m not telling what my favourites are, you’ll have to wait and see when I post my favourites (everyone else is also welcome to post favourites if they want!)
    The Death of rats is so cool! I smiled reading Ivana’s comment above as I remember correcting her!
    So sweet to have your nephew’s work on display.
    Your cross-stitches really are master-pieces. By the way, I saw a company who are embroidering onto their facemask and I could imagine you doing that! Just three tiny little motifs in the middle like vegetables and spaghetthi hoops but they look so cool on gingham! Maybe an idea for you to customise your face masks if you have any!

    IF ANY OTHER READERS would like to access the links in the meantime, you can click on my name to find all the posts!

  6. My goodness, you have some really talented artists in your family! You included! I love your decorating! All the animals make me so happy! This was such a clever idea for a post!

  7. Bev, these pieces were amazing! I’m particularly drawn to the painted postcard that you bought in Paris (I’m big on postcards!) as well as the Edward Hopper painting. I really like his work and it’s because of him that I was able to meet so many wonderful blogging friends (long story!)!
    Again, great pieces of art, Bev! Thanks for showing us around your gallery!

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