September 2020 recap

And just like that September is over! I feel like it’s flown by, even though I didn’t actually do anything. Seriously, I have no idea what I’m even going to write in this post! Obviously I did not manage to find the time or energy to blog… sorry about that. I didn’t mean to promise holiday photos and then disappear for a month. I will try to get something up soon. But today it’s the first Thursday of the month so I’m going to give you a recap, even though the What’s New With You link up doesn’t seem to be up yet. I hope everything is okay with Kristen!

So what is new with me? Honestly, nothing much. In September I read a lot – a total of 18 books, or I read 17 and listened to 1 if you want to be precise. I cross stitched a lot. My godson turned 8, which is scary. Surely he’s still a toddler? I made Halloween cards to send to Post Pals children (I still have another 10 left to do!).

I watched Richard Osman’s House of Games almost every week night – except when they moved it because of stupid athletics. On Tuesday I went to the office in Germany for the first time since March because a colleague was leaving and I wanted to see her one more time and say goodbye. It was fine. The trains weren’t too full – the one on the way back was more full than on the way there, but not to the extent of people standing in the corridors, crammed in like sardines (I specifically took an earlier train home because my usual train one is of the sardine variety).

I had to have more blood tests to rule out certain things after every attempt at IVF so far has either failed entirely or ended in miscarriage. When I first had it done back in July one value came back high so the tests had to be repeated. This time all was normal though, which means I don’t have to inject myself with blood thinners every day if I ever do get pregnant again (yay!) but also means we’re back to having no real explanation for why things aren’t working (boo!). I guess most people would give up at this point and say the universe doesn’t want them to be a mother, but we have two embryos left and I have every intention of using them!

I am continuing to going for walks once a week, even if it’s raining. Most of September’s weren’t too exciting though – I just went into town and stopped by the free public bookcase to drop off some books. One Sunday Jan came with me and we went for a walk in the woods, stopping to say hi to the horses.

Switzerland added the UK to its quarantine list, but it doesn’t matter because Switzerland was already on the UK’s quarantine list so I couldn’t have gone there anyway. It’s lucky we spent last Christmas in England since who knows when I will be able to see my family again? Germany added some parts of Switzerland to its list of risk countries, but Basel is currently okay. Cantons Geneva, Vaud and Fribourg are currently on the list.

And on a non-September related note, my brother turns 30 tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), which makes me feel ancient! So annoying that stupid covid means I don’t get to celebrate with him.

That’s it from me. What’s new with you?


8 thoughts on “September 2020 recap

  1. Those cards are so cute! Sorry you have no more information/explanation after your tests. That is really rough when everything appears “just fine” *hugs* I’m praying for those two little babies of yours who are waiting and I hope one day you get to hold them both in your arms. Has your doctor talked about when you might get to do another cycle?

    I hope you get to see your family again soon! I’m kind of in a similar boat for different reasons. We have seen my husband’s family a lot, but I haven’t got to see my parents since New Years. They live a state away and my mom has many health issues along with an immune deficiency she was born with so we’re all just being extra careful. I do talk to my parents most everyday though so that’s good.

    I always love your pictures from your walks. There is beautiful scenery and so many animals 🙂

  2. September flew by. I feel like my month was kind of empty, too, but when I look back I’m like, “Oh I did this and this and this…” but it doesn’t feel like it.
    I’m so sorry that you can’t see your family and don’t know when that’ll change. That should be so frustrating! The perks of living in Europe are how close all the countries are and how easy it is to travel… but I’m sure that’s what makes COVID so frustrating, too. So close yet so far 😦

    1. Usually I love how close THE rest of Europe is but yes COVID makes it also a kind of curse. All the people crossing borders and potentially spreading the virus even further. Everyone talks about how well New Zealand have done and they really have but being so isolated definitely makes it easier for them! People cross the Swiss border every day for work and since many of them work in healthcare a pandemic is *really* not the time you want to be keeping them out!

  3. I agree, and it feels like Christmas is flying towards us.
    I’m always really impressed with how many books you manage to read in a month!! Awesome. And your cards are so cute.
    I’m really sorry to hear about the IVF – I really hope it works well next time!!!

  4. I have no idea what happened to September!
    It must be a strange mix of relief that your blood tests are fine (why they don’t do such tests after just one loss is beyond me), and frustration that there is no explanation. Fingers crossed for your two remaining embryos.

    1. I don’t know about the UK but here it’s because the health insurance won’t pay for it. My clinic got me the tests by arguing that twins plus one other miscarriage means 3 losses in total otherwise I would have had to wait for another miscarriage (and it took 2 more IUIs and 6 embryo transfers to even get pregnant again after the twins!)

  5. 18 books is impressive! Well done to you!
    I’m glad the train wasn’t too bad when you went to Germany. Mine haven’t been too bad though they are busier than they were.
    Sorry to hear about the IVF- it’s the NOT KNOWING that must be the extra frustrating part (in addition to the not being pregnant, having to wait and all that)- not knowing WHY it’s not working. I hope that things will work out and your newly-thinned blood is extra good for baby-building. xxx
    Your cards are marvellous and I LOVE the monster with the big eyes- might have to copy him for a birthday card if that is ok!
    Your brother sounds ancient- hahah! Oh how I wish 30 was my next birthday instead of 40!>!>>!>!>!>!>!

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