A Photo an Hour: Saturday, 31 October 2020

Hello friends! On Saturday (which was *somehow* almost a week ago!) I took part in November’s photo an hour, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t even written a blog post for October’s one yet! So that’s what I’m doing now. The chosen date was Halloween, but that isn’t actually a thing in Switzerland so for me it was just a normal Saturday. Jan was out at choir practice for most of it, leaving me to clean the flat…

9 a.m. An earlier start than usual since Jan had to be at his rehearsal by 9:30. Starting the day with tea, of course – in the best mug!

10 a.m. Getting started on another cross-stitched Christmas card.

11 a.m. Enough sitting around… time to change the bedding.

12 noon. Emptying the dishwasher (so that I can refill it…)

1 p.m. A quick break for lunch. Lentil hotpot thingy.

2 p.m. I missed the morning window for hoovering (should have done that before emptying the dishwasher!) but now quiet time is over so I’m allowed.

3 p.m. Another task that had to wait until after quiet time – taking away some recycling.

4 p.m. Home – after a stop at the supermarket. Now to clean the bathrooms.

5 p.m. “Make apple and blackberry crumble” wasn’t on my last of things I *needed* to do that day, but I made one anyway (and it was delicious).

6 p.m. Back to cross stitch while dinner cooks. (I have no memory of what we actually ate).

7 p.m. Persuaded Jan to watch Heathers with me while we ate. I don’t think he was impressed, but I still like it.

8 p.m. Still watching Heathers while cross stitching.

9 p.m. Still stitching away. Nearly finished!

10 p.m. In my pyjamas, about to go to sleep. At 10. On a Saturday. Because apparently I’m 90.

And that was my Halloween 2020. Maybe I’ll actually get round to posting November’s photo an hour soon… not that it’s any more exciting than this one but I like having them.


9 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour: Saturday, 31 October 2020

  1. I didn’t take part in October as I worked int he morning and did little in the afternoon.
    What is quiet time all about?
    Sounds like you had a productive day. If you think being in your PJs at 10pm on a Saturday night, I must be a great Grandma! :oD

  2. Wait a minute. Halloween isn’t a thing there?! Ok. Switzerland is going to need to fix that once I move there.
    Also… you guys have a quiet time? How did I not know this?? I LOVE THAT!

    1. It’s sloooowly creeping in – you can buy costumes for little kids and when it’s not a pandemic some places have Halloween parties (mostly the Irish pubs. Haha) but most Swiss people ignore it.

      Yes! There is midday quiet time then night quiet time. You’re not supposed to do anything that makes too much noise like drill, play an instrument, etc. We do run the washing machine though.

  3. Love the mug, and LOVE Heathers. Just the trailer freaked me out as a kid, but once I finally got to watch it, it quickly became a favorite. The one thing I can’t quite get past is how much Christian Slater is trying to sound like Jack Nicholson. Get your own thing!

  4. OOh, I am not sure I could cope with quiet time! Crazy!
    I can’t believe such a sophisticated country as Switzerland doesn’t have recycling in the home but I suppose, if everyone is willing to go and take it to the place, I guess it saves on transport costs.
    Lucky Jan having choir! I would love to sing with others- it feels so long- well, except for 30 kids!

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