One month of Zyma

Yesterday our baby girl was one month old – on the same day my dad turned 60 – and today she had her one month appointment at the paediatrician followed by a visit from the midwife during which she had her first real bath. Up to now we had only been washing her with a cloth until the plaster came off her back and all the stitches were gone. The paediatrician was very pleased with her. She’s still at the bottom of the weight chart but she’s gaining steadily so that’s fine and she’s definitely getting enough to eat. Currently her favourite thing is mummy – or rather mummy’s boobies πŸ˜…. When she’s not guzzling mummy milk she’s still mostly sleeping. During the day at least! For a while after she came home night time was her alert time and she wanted to be fed every two hours (but would go 3-4 hours between feeds during the day). Things are turning around now and most nights she’ll only wake me for food 2-3 times. During the day she’s starting to be more alert and has even been awake and not demanding food long enough for us to read her a story. She’s already met a great uncle and cousin once removed from my side of the family and her aunt and grandma from Jan’s side. Soon my mam and brother are also coming to visit. It’s been so nice seeing people again and getting to introduce her to family! This last month has absolutely flown by but at the same time it’s hard to believe we’ve only had her for a month (on the outside). I won’t say I don’t remember what life was like without her – I most definitely remember sleep! But I’d be absolutely lost if she had to go back to hospital again so let’s hope her hip dysplasia harness works. Happy one month (and one day) birthday baby girl. We love you you very much!


9 thoughts on “One month of Zyma

  1. Aw, I do remember those sleep fogged nights but it was all worth it. Hoping your daughter’s harness works and she keeps growing and smiling and sleeping well for you.

  2. So lovely to hear that you’re all settling in well! Glad you’ve enjoyed the first month together and all those newborn snuggles. Fingers crossed for the harness and continued happy baby posts. πŸ™‚

  3. Your gratitude and love for Zyma is so evident! I’m so glad she’s giving you longer periods of sleep or breaks between feedings. Introducing the one you love to others that you love is so so special! I’m glad you’re able to share her with your people! Yay for growth and development!! Hoping she gets to stay by mommy’s side (& out of the hospital) for all of it!

    1. Literally the day after I wrote this we had a night of her crying every time we laid her down so I sat up for 4 hours holding her while she slept on me πŸ˜‚. She’s doing better again now though. I am definitely in love and so, so grateful!

  4. I’m so happy she is doing well and that her sleep is better in terms of not so much waking up for you! So happy for you and I’m always so delighted to see posts on IG.

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