What I read in January 2022

Good morning! It’s book day again with Steph and Jana. Before I get on to my reviews can I just say I have no idea how other parents of young children manage to read! Currently baby still takes caffeine citrate in the morning and she gets that together with a bottle that her dad gives her meanwhile I am pumping the milk for the next day’s bottle and I generally use that time to read. Other than that any time I’m not breastfeeding, winding, changing, comforting or just holding the baby is used for things that need to get done – like organising my COVID booster jab (this Thursday if you’re interested). Anyway, by reading while pumping I managed to get through two books.

Holy Island by L. J. Ross. Forced to take sabbatical leave from his duties as a homicide detective, Detective Chief Inspector Ryan retreats to Holy Island off the Northumbrian coast. A few days before Christmas, his peace is shattered and he is thrust back into the murky world of murder when a young woman is found dead amongst the ancient ruins of the nearby Priory. When former local girl Dr Anna Taylor arrives back on the island as a police consultant, old memories swim to the surface making her confront her difficult past. She and Ryan struggle to work together to hunt a killer who hides in plain sight, while pagan rituals and small-town politics muddy the waters of their investigation. I was excited for this book because it’s set in Northumberland (I’ve been to Lindesfarne or “Holy Island” many times, although not for years) and I definitely enjoyed the setting.The detective main character is a total cliché. Of course he has a tragic backstory! And I found myself rolling my eyes every time yet another woman on the island talked about how gorgeous he was. The blurb describes this as a detective novel but there’s a romance aspect that reads like it’s trying to be a Mills and Boon. Not that I have a problem with romance as a genre but here it feels it feels out of place and like the author should have stuck to one or the other. Plus the main character is pretty sexist and should not have been sleeping with that person in the first place. The actual crime/detective story is somewhat predictable but not bad – I was intrigued enough to read to the end. The epilogue ending is pretty far-fetched though. 2.5 stars.

Rise of the World Eater by Jamie Littler (Frostheart book 3). Ash faces his greatest challenge yet as the evil Wraith leader Shaard unleashes the dreaded Devourer from its centuries-long imprisonment. Only by uniting can the peoples of the Snow Sea hope to stand against the monster’s wrath, but as the Devourer targets the stronghold of Aurora, the tribes remain as divided as ever. In a last desperate move, Ash and the crew of the Frostheart journey to the yeti lands, where humans are forbidden, in search for the truth about the Devourer’s origins, and the one weakness that may prove its undoing. This is the third and final book in this series and it was definitely a worthy ending. It was great to learn more about Tobu’s past and I really enjoyed seeing Ash coming out of Tobu’s and Lunah’s shadows and learning to take action by himself. The Frostheart’s crew were as awesome as ever and really showed that they are there for each other no matter what. I was a little frustrated at times at just how many things had to go wrong along the way but overall I thought this was another fantastic book. 4 stars.

Neither of the books I read in January was by a BAME/BIPOC author so I haven’t got off to a great start on that front but oh well. The year is still young. Check out the link up for more book reviews from people who have more time than I do!


21 thoughts on “What I read in January 2022

  1. Yeah I found it really hard to read with littles underfoot too; the only time I read when my kids were babies and toddlers was when I was breastfeeding or if I (by some miracle) had an appointment where I was going alone and read while waiting in the waiting room. Good job and getting two books in though!

  2. I did a lot of listening to audiobooks during naptime and reading during brestfeeding at that age. But my reading definitely took a hit. Eventually it came back.

    1. She currently naps on my chest and standing up to fetch a book would wake her. Half my breastfeeding time is trying to persuade her to keep drinking! Hopefully she’ll get better at it as she gets older and I’ll feel less like I’m neglecting her if I look away. Lol.

  3. I’ve actually found I’ve gotten to read a little bit more than usual! If we try to put J in the bassinet or crib for a nap, it’ll only be 15-27 minutes. If he naps on me, he’ll be out for 1-2 hours… so depending on the day I’ll have a good bit of time where I can’t physically move or do anything else, haha.

    1. She usually falls asleep on me after breastfeeding but then I can’t go and fetch a book without waking her. Plus she’s on my chest leaving me one-handed. Once I’ve finished my current book I’m planning to read an e-book since I can do that on my phone!

  4. I read another LJ Ross book set in Chillingham castle but can’t remember what it was called (Ryan’s Christnas maybe?) And quite enjoyed it, though not sure all of the reveal was believable. I’ve got another one of them to read too.
    Oooh, I want to read Frostheart book 3!!!! I’ve read 1 and 2!!
    Yeah, I was curious to see how much you’ve managed to read so far! I thought your usual total was likely to be missing!

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