Two months of Zyma

I think if I write one of these every month it will be a bit much – especially since I don’t want this to turn into a “mummy blog”, so after the next one we’ll cut it down to quarterly. But this month we’re doing it. So.

It’s now been two months in my new reality. The one where I’m constantly covered in breast milk – either in its pure form or after it’s already spent some time in the baby. We have about a dozen muslins/burp cloths but she has a real talent for juuust missing them. I knew we would be washing a lot of baby clothes but never expected quite so many of my own to be in the mix! I also had to buy some tops after realising just how few items of clothing I own that are suitable for breastfeeding!

In all honesty month two has been exhausting – and we have a relatively easy baby! Since about 5 weeks all she has seemed to want to do is eat and since she gets most of her nourishment directly from me you can imagine what that means. Choosing the right time to shower is a fine balancing act! All the feeding is paying off though… Zyma has passed the 3.5 kg mark (that’s 7 lb 11 oz). She’s still a tiny little thing but she’s following her own curve perfectly.

First time breastfeeding in public! (Photo by my mother)

Apart from being a hungry hungry hippo… did you know babies can forget how to pooh? Or rather at first they just let it flow then they realise they actually need to do something but some babies don’t quite get it. As my midwife explained all women should engage their pelvic floor much before something that causes abdominal pressure – like sneezing or lifting something heavy (hands up who actually does though. Lol.) Babies apparently do this automatically, including while trying to push out pooh. Unfortunately that means they’re straining against a closed door, so to speak. The result is that poohing (or passing gas) involves a lot of straining coupled with straight up wailing. The internet says crying provides the pressure to get the pooh out and the babies aren’t actually in pain but she certainly sounds like she’s in pain and her poor little face goes bright red! She’s slowly starting to have more bowel movements without straining than with so I’m hoping we’re turning a corner. And of course in our case it’s good that she’s straining to pooh since that means she can feel that she has to go and the spina bifida hopefully hasn’t affected her bowel function. I just wish there was something I could do to help her!

Holding daddy’s hand

But despite the difficulties please don’t think I’m complaining. I’m still absolutely in love with my baby girl and can’t believe she’s mine. Sometimes when she’s sleeping on me I’ll literally just stare at her in awe of her cuteness. As for Zyma, she loves mama milk and baths, hates nappy changes, getting washed with a flannel (full baths are only once a week) and being put down so mammy can eat with two hands. She’s started following objects with her eyes and head, stares at her black and white contrast books and always behaves well for doctors – even when she has to have an ultrasound. Her hip dysplasia is already looking much better and the doctor is really pleased with her, but the harness is staying on for a while longer just to be certain. I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring! We’re hoping for some real smiles…


14 thoughts on “Two months of Zyma

  1. What a cutie! Breastfeeding is exhausting but very rewarding at the same time. There were literally months on end when I just could not remember what it was like to sleep and eat and not have another human attached to me. LOL. Best of luck to you and your precious little girl.

    1. Sleeping and eating are one thing but I’m genuinely concerned about how I’m going to pee once Jan is back at work next week. She does *not* like to be put down during the day – although she does amazingly in her bed at night.

  2. A dozen muslins sounds about right, haha. We have them all over the damn house and yet they still seem to be often out of reach. When my sister visited, she dubbed the little guy Capri Sun as he’s just so very full of juice.

    So glad to hear it’s still going well and you are all happy and healthy (and hungry, lol)!

  3. Yea the cluster feeding at the beginning can be so draining. It does get easier as time goes on and they get more efficient at feeding! So lovely to hold your sleeping baby and look at their cute little face! Mini had reflux and we gave her probiotic drops which helped.

  4. I don’t think it sounds like you are moaning, you’re telling us how life is with your little cutie! And that’s wonderful to hear, especially as you know how much we were all rooting for you with her! Haha, what ARE you going to do when you need the loo!???!!

  5. Sweet baby! Great job, mom! It sounds like nursing is going really well and you’re learning a lot! M still struggles with constipation and she’s over 2. I know your pain of watching them struggle with pooh. We’re actually going gluten-free to try to help her tummy out, but fingers crossed your little one has turned a corner and all will be good!

    1. She’s not technically constipated – when it comes out it’s normal consistency. She just needs to figure out how her muscles work. She still struggles at times bit she’s definitely getting better at just going. She’s a little champ at nursing and now she doesn’t keep falling asleep she actually manages to finish in less than an hour 😂.

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