Feeling popular

I’m invited to two birthday parties tonight. Amazing. You don’t get invited anywhere for months then two parties come along at once.
The first is for a friend of Jan’s. He turned 30 this week. There’s a tradition in the north of Germany that when a man turns 30 and isn’t married he has to sweep the steps in front of the Town Hall until a girl comes along and kisses him free. So guess what poor old Mat has to do today? Yup, we’re all meeting at Marktplatz at 5:30pm for him to do some sweeping. And as the tradition isn’t known here in the south of Germany he’ll probably be sweeping for a long time… Afterwards we’ll go to the party.

Then we’re invited to a second party, this time my friend Lisa. It’s a combined birthday party (for her), leaving party (for her boyfriend – they’re both moving to the Netherlands but he’s going first. She may have another leaving party later on) and moving in party (for the new flatmate). Phew, lots going on there.

Soo, I have a busy afternoon/evening ahead of me.

Full of busy

This is going to have to be a quick post cos I have to go out in a minute. My ex-colleagues from where I had my last internship have asked me to go to the Bierbörse (annual beer festival) with them. Jan and I are also invited to a party later on, so I’ll only be able to stay at the festival for an hour or so. Busy evening ahead and all I really want to do is sleep! It will be nice to see my ex-collaegues again though so I’m not complaining.

I was sent home from work at 10 past 4 today. The bosses wife was just saying to Kristi and I that we could leave at half past as it was the weekend when the boss, who was walking past and overheard her, stuck his read round the door and said “well I think you should all start the weekend now”. So we did. I still didn’t get home til nearly six though what with having to wait ten minutes for a tram, half hour journey to get here then needing to go shopping. And naturally there were queues in Aldi. I arrived home to find a bunch of people sitting outside having coffee and cake. Steff and Jo had come to introduce their two month old daughter, Emily, to everyone, so I stopped for a chat before coming inside to get ready. Emily was the fifth child to be born to someone I knew this year. Since then only one more has arrived – a school friend had a daughter yesterday – but still, six babies in one year is a lot. And three people I know (one due in October, two in September) have yet to have theirs. 2008 really is the year of babies… either that or I’m just friends with the wrong people.

I’m off now to drink beer with my friends. Those of us that aren’t going around having babies can still do stuff like that…

Parkplatzfest etc.

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday cos I was too busy a) sleeping off the effects of the night before (more on that later). b) making and eating a fried breakfast and c) barbecuing outside my building.

So, Friday night was Parkplatzfest. For those that don’t speak German I shall explain.
Parkplatz means carpark and a Fest is… well, a party really. A big one. (Think of the English word festival). So it was a party in carpark. The carpark in question is the one outside my building. The party is run by the residents of the 4 student residences surrounding the carpark. Each floor gets their own stand where they sell various food and drinks. We sold cocktails and shots. The people living on each floor have to either take turns at selling the stuff or help with the preparation for the Fest… go shopping for ingredients, make the decorations, help premix the cocktails. Things like that. As I was at work when they did all the preparation bit I had to do two selling shifts… the first shift from 6:45-8:30pm then the last shift, which started at 11:30 and went until the end of the party, officially 1am but in reality we were there much longer than that. Once we’d finally packed up and all the guests had gone home a group of ended up on the roof terrace drinking bacardi and having a sing-along (guitars were fetched). I was tired before the Fest started. By 7am when I finally went to to bed I was practically a zombie… a very drunk zombie. That’s why I spent most of yesterday sleeping. And why I needed a cooked breakfast to soak up the alcohol. Luckily I don’t suffer from hangovers, so I was just tired and starving when I woke up. I’m sure plenty of people were suffering though 😉

The Fest was fun. I’m not sure yet how much money we made, but I sold quite a few cocktails and, towards the end, a LOT of shots. My friend Janni came, which was nice as I hadn’t seen her in ages. Not quite so nice was the fact that after the party finished and most people had gone to bed somebody apparantly went through the building going into people’s rooms and the cash box from third floor was stolen. I don’t know any details (where was it to get stolen? Why had nobody locked it away securely?) but however it happened it sucks!

Today Jan and I are going to Gernsbach so I can see where I have a job interview on Thursday and so we can have a day out. And tonight we have to watch the football of course – Germany’s in the final.
Now I have to go and make sandwiches for our trip.