My week

This week has been pretty good. Not very eventful, but nice anyway. Here are some highlights:

* I’ve seen my boyfriend every day this week. Or at least I will have by the time he comes round tonight. Admittedly some of those days the only reason I saw him was because he stayed over the night before, so it was sort of inevitable that I would see him for breakfast, but still, it was nice.

* I finally got the assignment back that I handed in over a month ago. I got 81%!! I thought I’d done well, but was only expecting something in the 70s (75 is an excellent mark in my eyes!). When I saw the 81% at the top of the paper I nearly fell off my chair, then had to check to make sure it really was my assignment. It was. The mark is subject to confirmation by the exam bored but I’m fairly sure they won’t change it that much. I’m sure my tutors know what they’re doing…

* As a reward for getting 81%, Jan (aka “the boyfriend”) bought me a pack of 3 Curly Wurlys. I’m sure now those of you in the UK are now thinking “and? What’s so exciting about Curly Wurlys?” Well, believe me. Once you’ve lived abroad long enough anything that comes from your home country is something special, even things that you hardly bothered with when you were in your home country. Cadburys chocolate is incredibly rare here. And that which they do have doesn’t even exist in England. And Curly Wurlys have that added nostalgia factor. YAY.

That’s about it really. Like I said, not very eventful, but I thought it was good.