Must watch video!

I disappeared for a while. Did anyone notice I wonder? I was planning on posting about the rest of my sister’s visit, but then I got busy. And after that I turned 29 (ugh, ugh, ugh!) and went to Stockholm for a week. We just got back on Tuesday evening. I still plan on writing about the remainder of my sister’s visit, plus my trip to Stockholm plus an idea I’ve had about visiting 30 German towns before I turn 30, but right now I have no time. I did want to share this video with you though. We saw this Slovenian Jazz choir last week in Stockholm. In this video they are performing Africa and I LOVE the way they do the tunderstorm hat the beginning! The singing was actually better when we saw them – but the video is from 2008 so I guess they’ve had time to practice 😉 But anyway, try to ignore that and concentrate on the absolute genius that is the storm. Enjoy!