Travel Theme: Ancient

Ailsa’s travel theme for this week is Ancient, and what could be more ancient than basically all of Rome? Here’s the Forum:

Foro Romano
Foro Romano

From Ancient Rome to Ancient Roman… here’s one of my absolute favourite Roman sites in the UK, Vindolanda.


Just south of Hadrian’s Wall, Vindolanda Roman fort is best known for the discovery of the Vindolanda tablets – the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain. Excavations are still going on at Vindolanda, so if you go there at the right time of year you might get to see some real archaeologists at work!

Staying in the UK,  here are the ruins of Mitford Castle in Northumberland, which dates from the end of the 11th century. Jan actually took this photo and I love it. It could easily be a professional postcard!

Mitford Castle

You can’t actually go up to Mitford Castle any more (the above photo was taken from a car window) because it’s considered dangerous. The ruins aren’t exactly stable! Apparantly the farms have no problem letting their sheep roam around in there though…

To finish with, here’s Kells Priory,  one of the largest and most impressive medieval monuments in Ireland. It’s featured on the blog before, but I love it so I need to include it again for those who missed it previously!

Kells Priory 1

Got any ancient photos you want to share? The travel theme is still open until the end of tomorrow! Check out Ailsa’s blog post for more details, and to see the other entries… there are lots of way better photographers than me out there!


Past it

There’s a new guy on my floor. He moved in a week ago and I met him in the kitchen tonight.
Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, are you new here?
New Guy: Yeah.
Me: I’m Bev
Him: I’m J…
Me: So, when did you move in?
Him: last Tuesday…

It continued along those lines. I asked him what he’s studying and where. He asked me whether the exams at the end of my bachelor’s degree were hard, whereabouts in England I’m from and whether it’s true what they say about Great Britain and rain. That was pretty much it. At that point the conversation fizzled out and he left the kitchen.

This is pretty much representative of my conversations with anyone who moves into my building. I just have nothing to say to them. These people are all 18 or 19 years old. Up until a few months ago they were still at school. I look at them and think “God, you’re younger than my sister. You’re almost as young as my brother.”
I’m 25 years old and thse people make me feel bloody ancient!
Get me out of here?