Summer isn’t over til I say it is!

It’s pretty difficult to be in denial about something when the evidence is right there, staring you in the face.

The last two mornings when I left the house to go to work I couldn’t help but notice millions and millions of dead brown leaves lying all over the carpark. I’m actually wondering whether there ever weren‘t any leaves lying around. I’m almost sure there aren’t enough months between autumn and summer for them to disappear completely. But there are definitely more now. Lots more. So many more that I can no longer fail to notice their presence, which makes me want to put my hands over my ears, shut my eyes and start singing “lalala”. I don’t want the floor to be covered with dead brown leaves, because that means autumn must be on its way. But it’s not allowed to be autumn yet. In the world of Bev, August is a summer month. September is when autumn starts. My birthday is not allowed to be in the same month that autumn starts. So there!

I’m off now… to think nice, warm summery thoughts!