Friday letters

Good morning! I have been the wooooorst blogger this week. Even more so than previous weeks, which you would have thought was impossible. I just can’t be bothered to switch from one computer to the other immediately after work (and I’m not supposed to use the work laptop for personal stuff). Plus, now I’m home all the time, I feel like I no longer have any excuse to not stay at least kind of on top of the housework. So yeah, blogging kind of falls by the wayside. And now I have plans for almost every weekend between now and the end of October, which is good but leaves me with almost no time for other stuff (blogging, reading, cross stitching…). But enough of that, on with Friday letters.


Dear September. I see you, waiting to pounce. How did you get here so quickly? I’m not ready!!

Dear Goodreads/Amazon. I want all the books, and it’s your fault! Well, yours and my addiction’s. But it’s you that adds fuel to the fire.

Dear “baby” brother. Not such a baby anymore! Hope you enjoy your 9th(!!) birthday on Tuesday.

Dear Basel. A street festival tonight and then a beer festival tomorrow (plus the jazz festival we attended last Friday evening). You spoil us with all your events! There definitely was not this much going on in Karlsruhe…

Dear England. Five weeks until I see you again! *Note to self: Get flights booked soon!*

Dear Lion King musical. I am excited to see you next weekend! Hope the tickets arrive soon…

Dear Tea. I’m glad our plan to see The Lion King worked out at such short notice. Can’t wait to see you and show you my new home!

Right, that’s all I have time for now. I have a tonne of work to do today. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Briefly back in Germany

I’m currently at Jan’s parents place. We arrived in Germany at midnight last night and leave again tomorrow… for Belgium this time, to spend New Year in Brussels.
Christmas at home was nice but exhausting. After a week with my two year old brother (who by the way is a bit of a brat) I’ll very happy if I never have to hear the word Thomas (as in Tank Engine) again. He’s obsessed. Seriously! I did have to laugh though when Jan complained that the kid gets too much TV time. “Two year olds don’t need TV,” he told me. “My kids won’t be allowed to watch TV.” Ha. I thought to myself. Just wait til you actually have them. You’ll soon be glad to stick on a DVD if it’ll keep them quiet for more than a few minute. Spot the person that didn’t spend hours of his childhood babysitting for younger siblings, cousins and family friends anyone?…

Right, gotta go. Stuff to do and all that. Have a great New Year everyone!

Time flies

This shall be my last post for a few days. Not that I’m going to a place without a computer, but the chances of me being able to get my hands on that computer are pretty much zero, so no more blogging til I return at the weekend.

I’m returning to the Motherland (England) for my brother’s 18th birthday. Righteen! I can’t believe it. This is my little brother we’re talking about here. The baby I helped to bath, the toddler whose first word was my name. I remember helping him with his reading, playing schools with him, giving him piggy backs around the park. When did my baby brother get all grown up? He’s doing his A-Levels this year and will be starting uni next September. My little baby brother off to university! I know they say time flies but this has gone just a little too fast for me. I feel old now (again!).

So the next few days are going to busy, busy, busy – starting tomorrow when I’m going to have to leave work 5 minutes early to catch two trams and a bus to the airport. I feel tired just thinking about it!
And now I have to clean out the bag for my luggage (it got grape juice splled in it – don’t ask!), find clean clothes and pack them and somewhere in between that I need to find time to cook tonight’s tea and tomorrow’s lunch. If I’m lucky I might even make it to bed before midnight!

The family baby

My baby brother was 2 yesterday. How wrong is that? At 25 years old I have a baby brother. Not weird at all my family. Nooo.
When he was born, my Grandma complained. It’s all very well being  Grandma again, she said, but actually she would rather someone made her a great grandma before she dies.

We can’t always get what we want though, can we. And at least she got a grandson out of it. Anyone else would be pleased to be a Grandma again.

It’s so odd having a baby brother on my age. Whenever I’m seen with him people assume he’s mine. And he’s going to grow up in a totally different genaration, a world full of eleoctronic gadgets and the internet (when I was little we had an Amiga and it was like the coolest computer ever. We didn’t get internet til I was 15 and even then I was only allowed on it once in a blue moon cos it cost so much). It’s been bad enough finding stuff to talk to my other brother about over the years, although things are improving now he’s almost 18, but what am I ever going to have in common with the baby, apart from the fact that we happen to share a father. A father who may just be insane producing babies at his age.
Bizarre I tell you. Very, very bizarre.