Back in Germany

We got back to Germany on Friday night.
My grandpa is very ill, but still hanging in there. We were originally told he had days to live, but a week later he’s still alive. My grandma is now sleeping in the hospital and my dad is spending as much time as possible there. Basically, it’s just a waiting game.

Thank you for all the well wishes that everyone has left on the blog. I will get round to replying to all the comments soon! But for now I will simply say you are all amazing.

I’m glad I got to see my grandpa and that he was alter enough to know we were there. I probably won’t make it over for the funeral, but I think seeing him one last time was more important to me. Saying goodbye on Friday was strange though… what do you say to someone when you know for  a fact that you’ll never be seeing them again!? I guess this is where religious people have an advantage…

Normal blogging service will resume as soon as I have anything to say…

Greetings from the Arctic

I am back from my weekend away and have much to tell you about. Unfortunately I can’t right now, for two reasons.
Number one is because I’m so tired my eyes hurt if I even think about looking at the screen. It’s only 8:15 pm but as soon as I’ve eaten my tea (which has finally finished cooking) I plan to go to bed. And what’s number two I hear you cry. Well, that would be the fact that my living room is so cold my hands are actually numb… and typing with gloves on is almost as crap as typing when you can’t feel your fingers. I’m planning on eating in the bedroom because it’s the only place that’s even vaguely warm!
And we’re currently only mid-way through October. I dread to think what the winter’s going to be like this year!

The wanderer returns

I am back in Germany.
The holiday was brilliant. I managed to survive the heat, had a great time looking at old things and really enjoyed seeing my family again.
Now I am back in my lovely, lovely flat and as fabulous as the holiday was it’s good to be home (although I may change my mind about that tomorrow when it’s time to get back to job hunting).
I am now very, very tired so I shall wait until tomorrow to tell you more about Roma. Right now I need to curl up in bed with the boyfriend and watch a few episodes of Season 2 of ER which my sister kindly picked up from my dad’s place for me.

Ciao for now!

Briefly back in Germany

I’m currently at Jan’s parents place. We arrived in Germany at midnight last night and leave again tomorrow… for Belgium this time, to spend New Year in Brussels.
Christmas at home was nice but exhausting. After a week with my two year old brother (who by the way is a bit of a brat) I’ll very happy if I never have to hear the word Thomas (as in Tank Engine) again. He’s obsessed. Seriously! I did have to laugh though when Jan complained that the kid gets too much TV time. “Two year olds don’t need TV,” he told me. “My kids won’t be allowed to watch TV.” Ha. I thought to myself. Just wait til you actually have them. You’ll soon be glad to stick on a DVD if it’ll keep them quiet for more than a few minute. Spot the person that didn’t spend hours of his childhood babysitting for younger siblings, cousins and family friends anyone?…

Right, gotta go. Stuff to do and all that. Have a great New Year everyone!