The Daydreamer Award

Briony from Fear of the Reaper nominated me for this award ages ago, but then  got caught up in moving stuff and never actually managed to write my post. I know.. excuses, right? Well, I’m getting round to it now, okay?

the-daydreamer-awardApparently, this is an award for blogs that are inspiring, creative or funny. Wow, I had no idea my blog was those things!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Complete the challenge they set you.
3. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to.
4. Tell them about it and set them a challenge.
(Please include the rules in your post).

1. Thanks for the nomination, Briony. It’s nice to be acknowledged! Now all my readers should go and read her blog because it never fails to make me laugh!

2. I was given the challenge to describe my perfect rainy day.

Obviously I’m going to assume that this day is taking place on a weekend, because no day that I have to spend at work could be perfect. I love my job, but there are limits!

I would start my perfect rainy day by waking up late. Then I would lie in bed for a while listening to the rain on the windows while I stayed under the warm covers with a cup of tea (brought to me by my boyfriend, of course… there would be no getting up to switch on the kettle on my perfect day!). Once I’d finished my tea, I would finally drag myself out of bed and head of to the kitchen, where Jan and I would work together to make pancakes for breakfast (or actually brunch. On my perfect day the first meal would not happen at breakfast time!). We would eat them with hot raspberries, Nutella, orange juice and of course more tea! After breakfast, the dishes would all go into the dishwasher (we have one in the new flat) while I took myself off for a nice long bath (we have one of those in the new flat as well). I would take whichever book I was reading into the bathroom with me. And of course I would not drop it into the water (something my mother is fond of doing!).

A rainbow over Karlsruhe
A rainbow over Karlsruhe

Once I was all clean, I would get dressed in my most comfortable lounging around the house clothes and head over to the sofa with some cross stitch and – yes – more tea. I would stay there for a few hours, stitching and watching the rain, then, on my perfect day, I’m assuming the rain would let up just a little bit, the sun would come out somewhere, and a rainbow would appear. I would then abandon my cross stitch and go for a walk, preferably to somewhere with ducks for me to say hello to. The rain would hold off until I got back from my walk, at which point it would start bucketing down again. Meanwhile, nice and dry in the house, Jan and I would make dinner together and settle down to eat it while watching a film. Again, the dishwasher would do the hard work (woohoo!) Jan and I would then head off to bed, at the same time for once. And what we would do there is none of your business 😉

3. Phew. Moving on… here are the bloggers I would like to nominate:

Kerri from Crumbs in the Bed

Holly from Full of Beans and Sausages

Becster from her blog of the same name

Laura from Live, Love Laugh with Laura Jade

4. The challenge I would like to set my nominees is to describe your dream dinner party, including the guests (dead or alive), the decorations, any background music you might have…. use your imagination. But, most importantly, don’t forget to tell me about the food! (Can you tell I like to eat? 😉 )

Over to you guys. Have fun!